What is a CHEK Practitioner?

Brad’s current CHEK Practitioner qualifications:
– CP 2 (C.H.E.K. Practitioner Level 2)
– HLC 3 (Holistic Lifestyle Level 3)
A CHEK Practitioner is a health professional who is an intern of the CHEK Institute, an American company created and headed by Paul Chek. The institute provides an extensive program based on Paul’s multi-faceted 25-year experience as a holistic health coach.

The comprehensive and often controversial methods taught by the CHEK Institute cover many facets of physical, mental and spiritual health. Completing the program and becoming ‘CHEK Certified’ can take several years to learn and a lifetime to master. A CHEK Practitioner usually comes into the program with some professional certification or license. They are all trained to objectively quantify progress through the use of comprehensive evaluation, treatment, coaching and program design technologies. These people have committed to extensive continuing education and are indoctrinated into a multidisciplinary approach to assisting others in achieving their goals. They are taught that information only becomes knowledge when that information is used to change the lives of others for the better!

A CHEK Practitioner takes a holistic approach to the assessment, education and training of their clients / patients, as they understand that the human body is made up of many complex inter-related systems. Therefore a CHEK Practitioner conducts a thorough and detailed assessment on each client using questionnaires and physical assessments before providing any programs or recommending the appropriate course of action. Depending on which levels of the CHEK program a practitioner has completed, each CHEK Practitioner might specialise in a different field. However,all have an ability to assess beyond the scope of most other health professionals.

For more information about Paul and the CHEK Institute, visit: www.chekinstitute.com

Paul CHEK and Brad Rasmus

Paul Chek: What is a CHEK Practitioner?

Words from the man himself! Paul Chek.

Bodyboarding & CHEK

Jake Stone is a professional Bodyboarder that has recently (2013) found found huge rehabilitative success using the holistic CHEK approach, being coached by CHEK faculty member Donal Carr. Check out this awesome video!

Brad’s health career as a CHEK Practitioner has evolved from his first major injury. Breaking his back whilst bodyboarding as a teenager! the CHEK approach has considerably changed his life, eliminated his back pain and allowed him to continue to Bodyboard.

Surfing & CHEK


The C.H.E.K. Institute was first brought a lot of media attention from the surfing world in 2007, due to Australian surfer Mick Fanning becoming world champion. After an career threatening hamstring injury in 2004, he made a huge comeback. A large part of this was due to the work of his C.H.E.K Practitioner coaching him.

Brad is also a stand-up surfer of recent years, therefore understanding the contrasting needs of a surfer to a bodyboarder. He has coached a lot of surfers over the years.

Watch this video of former client Mick Gilbert speaking about his experience with Brad whilst Brad coached him at his formerly owned studio called Primal Movement.


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