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Once again, my first post in many many months! Email and newsletters have tended to take a back seat these days as many people just don’t read them based on what my Mailchimp newsletter stats say. So I’ve used group texts for important info instead. Anyhow, I based on the circumstances of me moving, a blog / newsletter was in order!

I’m moving from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland (Coolum Beach)

If this is the first time you’ve received this information, yes, we’re leaving Sydney! It’s been a hard decision for Bex, Kaiya and myself to make, but one we made recently after much deliberation! We’ve lived here for a long time now. We loooooove Sydney for so many reasons. The Northern Beaches have been the promised land for us for a long time. Family, friends, community, the surf, clients that I’ve had for 20 years!


One of the first motivators to do this started about 6 months ago, when I started looking at real estate to buy here. I was pretty blown away at the average price for a 3 bedroom house here on the beaches and the more we’ve dwelled over making the commitment, the more we decided as amazing as it is here, we don’t think it’s worth that price of admission! Real Estate is just one part of it but it was a big one. There’s several other reasons why we wish to go too. Instead of focusing on those though, as I always say, ‘where you focus goes your energy flows!’, we’d rather focus on the amazing stuff we’re going to create!

The SUNSHINE COAST! Coolum Beach just south of Noosa is what’s grabbed our attention the most so far, after a quick trip there recently. We’ll go rent for a short time to make sure we’re happy, then buy when ready! Else – we come back to Sydney. Easy. We’re nomads at heart! Kaiya has been accepted to the Noosa Pengari Steiner School now for next year too, so we’re  all ready for action.

We’re leaving here December 11th.

Location independence has been something I’ve been working on for years. Pruvit has allowed us to make that a reality now – but after 24 years as a health pro I’m excited to create a studio/clinic/gym at home! Maybe a mini retreat! I’ll never stop working as a health pro I feel. So, if you have friends, family, acquaintances that live up there that you think would love my services, please direct then to www.bradrasmus.com/brhhc. Or my new FB Page: https://m.facebook.com/BRHHC

Love to hook up with as many of you in Sydney prior to going so PM us.


November / December Payments 2018

For those of you already on the ball who are about to pay, thank you! As I leave on December 11th, there is only 1 week for that month to pay so might as well just add it to November payments too please. If you train on a Thursday you’ll have 5 sessions to pay for and 5 if you see me Mon-Wed. The last payment unless you are continuing to see me weekly or monthly online using Zoom or Skype.


Sayonara Party! – December 8th – From 3:30pm

Want to join us? You’re most welcome, whether you’re a client from 25 years ago or a current client. I came to Sydney when I was 12. Bex came here in 2001 and Kaiya was born in 2009. Since then we’ve met a ton of awesome people over that time that we’d love to re-connect with on this day before we move to the Sunshine Coast.

Apex Park is our awesome ‘backyard’ right next to Mona Vale beach. It has several big BBQ areas, and a massive area for kids to go nuts.
See here: https://goo.gl/maps/Z14zXJP7uto
If it rains, we’d appreciate any suggestions!

– A share plate of food
– Drinks for yourself
– Kids and dogs if you like!

Hope to see you!


Mona Vale Apex Park


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