Long time since I’ve done a blog/newsletter but it’s an important one. You would have already seen it for months through the Inner Circle FB Messenger thread or your personal messenger support thread anyhow, but I know some people still use that old thing called email 🤣.

This is an important message so please read it all. 🙂 📖

I was at the tail end of retaking my Life Coaching course in Sydney last week and loving it! During that course, I really realised how powerful the variety of work is that I’ve been doing over the last 26 years with clients and how much I’ve majorly UNDERVALUED it. I know I’ve certainly been undercharging what I’m worth for a long time, and when I was hearing that brand new Life Coaches are coming out of the gate charging way more than me without the decades of experience I’ve had across multiple disciplines, so I’ve decided it’s time for change.

Many of you would know that I’ve finally sold my Brisbane investment property which has been a massive financial thorn in my side for 12 years. Feels bloody amazing to cut the cord as it has been a massive mental block preventing me from increasing my session prices for many years due to many financial fears (yes I’m human too 😂). So now that the cord has been cut, I’ve decided to increase my prices by about 65% to closer reflect the large amount of skillsets I’ve learnt during my career. This is effective immediately for BRAND NEW clients, but… This doesn’t affect YOU yet, though! Woo hoo!

As a THANK YOU for your patronage over the years, I want to OFFER you (and your family and friends) 6 MONTHS of my new July 1st prices shown in the first link below, up until 1st January 2022.

To take advantage of this, your friend or family member must have their first assessment session with me BEFORE the 26th June 2021.

So now is the time to tell your mates about me! I’ll be honest, I don’t have too many client spots left, so it’s first in best dressed. Discount offer price details: https://www.bradrasmus.com/prices-discounted/

From 1st January 2022, prices for all clients, will change to my newest increase. Prices for ALL clients from 1/1/22: https://www.bradrasmus.com/prices/

Please contact me or talk to me at our session if you have any questions. See you next session!