People Like You

Filipa Ottley

Sydney client.

Brad has imparted so much knowledge, and provided so much encouragement to enable me to set and achieve my goals. His approach has been tailored to my specific needs and personality and with Brad's encouragement I've secured a new job, improved my health, and I'm now setting up my own small business. And all this via video calls in the comfort of my own home! I definitely recommend Brad as a great coach toward achieving any type of life or health goals."

Tom Carroll

Sydney client.
2 x Surfing World Champ.

“After making first contact with Brad I asked to work on specific exercises to support my chronic deterioration in my right knee which was influencing a growing imbalance throughout my body. He immediately saw my needs and drove a solid program of controlled challenge and recovery which informed me from diet all the way to fresh ideas of how important body movement is for healthy ageing"

Amy Sanderson

Sydney client.

"Brad has been a great inspiration to me. I did not start seeing him to lose weight / bodyfat, it was to gain fitness & improve my quality of life. I suffered from severe back pain, knee pain & neck pain. I can now run over 6km in 30 minutes & have increased my strength to do some amazing acrobatic moves! My overall health has improved, i don't suffer from pain like i once did and i am now more aware of what to eat to obtain the results i want. Thanks Brad, you have changed my life!"

Scott Bovis

Sydney client.

"I was introduced to Brad after seeking out a Personal Trainer that focused on functional movement, specifically a CHEK Practitioner having become aware of this holistic approach to training and overall wellbeing. This eventuated into an 8 year journey with Brad. Brad has a natural ability to connect with his clients and their individual circumstances adopting a variety of tools and techniques to meet their goals and improve ones wellbeing."

Trevor Richards

Sydney client.

"I knew I had to change my whole way of eating and training, and you helped me see it from a different point of view. I had to let go of old beliefs that were not serving me; this mind transformation at 51 years certainly helped the body transformation. In your words, if something is not working, try something else. It starts with courage. Thanks again Brad for helping me to LIVE"

Dara Kretschmer

Sydney client 2006-2018.

"I have been training with Brad since 2006. He has worked with my entire family through the years. Brad is incredibly knowledgeable about fitness, physiology and nutrition. He also really loves what he does and truly cares about his clients’ health and all over well-being. Working with the 5 members of my immediate family (myself, my husband and my three children)- and even with my 80+ year old parents when they have visited. I have no hesitation at all recommending him to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer."

Susan Nadjarian

Sydney client.

"How did I do it? Well I finally said enough is enough. I was sick of constantly saying 'I'm gonna do it Finally I broke through the barrier of self doubt, and half-hearted attempts at making a change. It wasn't easy, but now I fully understand that optimal health is a whole package deal. I now have more insight into how much a role my thoughts and emotions played in my ability to change my body and health."

Stacey Gavrily

Sydney client.

"Where do I start? It has been a unbelievable last 41 days! I have gone from struggling in the past to now, to where I am only 5 weeks away from concluding 12 weeks of coaching (first of 3). I am seeing the results of my planning, hard work, commitment, sweat, hard work etc. When I had my session with Brad the other day, my results were unbelievable!"

Chris Winchester

Sydney client.

“Brad's training approach and techniques are truly backed by his experience and knowledge. When I started training with Brad, I was going in with old injuries and new injuries. I needed someone that was going to respect those and actually have some knowledge of how to move forward in strengthening and stabilizing without causing further injury. Brad did exactly that, whilst also looking at the complete picture of mental health, diet, and lifestyle."

Quinton Lloyd

Sydney client.

“In 2014 I was struggling with a somewhat debilitating back injury which affected my ability to surf, exercise and on the bad days tie up the shoe laces. Brad was a great communicator and thorough in his assessment of a broad spectrum of physiological aspects, arriving at a plan which was specific to my needs and provided immediate results."

Todd Stembridge

Physiotherapist - Sydney

“Working with Brad has been a pleasure. He is very organised, personable and knowledgeable. From a person in my profession it is great to see such a thorough, well documented and illustrated assessment. It enables precise identification for individual program development. If you are really serious about making a positive change in your life then Brad’s holistic approach to health is what you need.”

Tim Keeley

Physiotherapist - Sydney

"Brad has helped me change my life around. He has taking time and care to assess my problems and systematically, finding the solutions for my pain and posture issues, as well as giving me lifeline tools to help manage my stress and improve my outlook on my personal life and my business. I am now working on the body more and prioritising my health into my day. I have not met a more friendly and quality lifestyle coach such as Brad.

Martin Standring

Owner of Soul Tiger Hot Yoga - Sydney

“I had a 12 hour drive from Sydney all the way up to Coolum Beach to visit Brad. My back was absolutely in spasms prior. I couldn’t pick anything up or do anything. I was in so much discomfort. The first morning I was there, Brad gave me a 2 hour workout and his expertise and knowledge and helped me in two hours drive to Noosa and have a 3 hour surfing session with no pain! I can’t thank Brad enough. He’s absolutely amazing. Thank you Brad. I hope I don’t have to drive 12 hours to see you next time!”

Koby Bunting

Sydney client.

"My name is Koby. Im 15 years old. I've been Personal Training with Brad since March this year (2018). It's been good! I've never done anything like this before. I've enjoyed it. I've improved with my skating and helped me with my bodyboarding and yeah, I recommend it! I've really enjoyed doing the sessions and the different exercises throughout the year. Cheers!"

Debra Waghorn

Sydney client.

"Since I have been seeing Brad, my knees are so much better (osteoarthritis). I can now do movement I haven't been able to do for a loooong time. I can now go on the stepper, x-trainer, bike, swim and am doing lots of challenging weights. I used to have a hard time getting up from my lounge or chair, now I have no problems. I can feel a big difference in myself... and I also feel a lot happier with myself too which is fantastic!"

John Wilson

Sydney client 2006-2018.

“As a result of a lifetime of contact sports, I collected my share of injuries; knee reconstructions, dislocated shoulders and a ‘spondie’ (spodylolithesis) in the lumbar spine. Pain was part of my life, in the lower back, knee and shoulder. Some days I ate pain killers for breakfast, lunch and dinner!”

At the suggestion of my wife (god love her)! I contacted Brad. What impressed me about Brad was his commitment to understand my circumstances and objectives before letting me undertake a training regime with him. At the risk of sounding like some TV infomercial, it changed my life! The most significantly in my view, my overall health has improved significantly. For example, in the past I was a frequent sinus sufferer and was prone to flu’s and colds. Not anymore!"

Cameron Uys

Sunshine Coast client 2021

After 3 years of dealing with shoulder impingements and seeing a number of physios with no luck, I was referred to Brad through a friend.

His holistic approach acknowledged that to begin the journey of rehabilitating my shoulders, I first had to adopt a range of nutritional and lifestyle improvements to improve my physical and mental health so that I could reduce inflammation to allow for rehab exercises to be effective. After 6 months of sessions every 3 or so weeks I have been gone from not being able to put any type of loading on my shoulders to now being able to reintroduce some low intensity upper body exercises such as swimming and light weight exercises, which with time will strengthen them more and more.

Second to this, what has been most valueable to me is the knowledge I’ve learned from him about how to adopt a healthier and happier lifestyle. I am much more aware of the effects of receiving enough nutritious food and the right food for my body type, getting more exercise meditation sleep and sunlight and reducing mental stress through various methods such as NLP.

What I have learned from Brad will benefit me for the rest of my life, and I am really grateful to have had the chance to work with him."

Jia Bin Bai

Sunshine Coast client 2021

“Brad was a very helpful support figure during a point in my life when I was facing both physical and emotional challenges. He provided me with some useful exercises that helped rehabilitation of my ankle and back issues, and was a grounding supportive presence that helped me gain more clarity and accountability through his mentorship and NLP exercises.
I'm very grateful for the time I spent with Brad."


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