Are you a Personal Trainer or CHEK Practitioner? Do you need to improve your business skills or technical training skills to build a career that fulfills you, gets results and pays the bills? Join me for some private or small group mentoring! The content of our coaching sessions will depend on your goals, needs, budget and commitment to being a health practitioner. Could any of the following sessions benefit you? If so, contact me to register your interest. Each session runs 60-90 minutes in duration.

Training Skills Mentoring

  • Client Questionnaires
    Learn how to use these effectively to create programs and provide education to your clients.
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle – Primal 6
    Learn the ‘Primal 6‘ session Brad uses for personal and group education sessions and how he uses a client’s questionnaire results to create optimal balance within their Primal 6.
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle – Metabolic Typing
    Learn a system that allows you to personalise a client’s diet based on their cultural needs and ancestral roots.
  • Physical Assessments
    Learn how to effectively physically assess people to clear them for exercise and to rule out possible permanent structural causes of their pain. Learn when and how to refer out to other health professionals.
  • Anthropometric Assessments
    Learn how to measure peoples physical shape and progress using tape measures, skinfold callipers and taking photos, instead of relying on scales.
  • Corrective exercise / Rehab – Movement
    Learn how assessing ones movement pattern in the squat and overhead arm raise can tell you a lot about what your clients needs stretched and strengthened and instantly provide you with you clients first corrective exercise program.
  • Corrective exercise / Rehab – Flexibility
    Learn how to provide a client with a personalised corrective program through passively assessing the range of motion of all of their major joints.
  • Corrective exercise / Rehab – Posture
    Learn what good posture entails, how to assess it and prescribe for it, and why it is so important for achieving optimal health.
  • Corrective exercise / Rehab – Core
    Learn how to assess 8 main core areas and what exercises to prescribe for deficiencies in each area.
  • Corrective exercise / Rehab – Infant Development
    Learn how regressing people back to 6 stages of infant development movement patterns can tremendously improve a person’s rehabilitation.
  • ‘Primal 636′ program creation
    Learn the 6 primal patterns and infant development movement patterns, 3 planes of motion, and 6 training modalities that Brad uses to create the majority of his programs.
  • Weight Training Overload Principles
    Learn 7 strength training overload principles to apply to your programs to improve your results and client adherence to the program.
  • Group Training
    Learn how to run effective small group training sessions using the ‘Primal 636′ system over 13 weeks.
  • Working-in / Meditation / Qi gong sessions
    Learn when, why and how to ‘work-in’. Learn how ‘Qi Gong Strength Training’ can benefit your client way more than ‘working-out’!
  • Advanced Program Design
    Learn how to write complex programs and what you need to take into account when designing them.
  • Advanced Exercise Vault
    Learn how to perform and teach complex and advanced forms of strength and stability training.
  • Legacy / Dream / Goal setting
    Learn coaching methods that allow you to give your client a focus on who they are and where they want to go with their life, so it ties into what health programs will work best for them and provide them motivation to do them!
  • Brain Training – Radical Forgiveness
    Learn a simple but powerful technique Brad uses to clear emotional stress that people carry.
  • Eastern Health Philosophies
    Learn how Eastern health can be used to help a client achieve optimal health ie: the power of energy – thoughts – emotions, chakras and their associated psycho-physical themes, meridians, chi, chi cycles / Chinese clock.
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Business Mentoring

  1. How to create a business out of nothing
    Learn what you need to effectively run a business in Australia (ABN, TFN, business name, website, business cards, uniform etc)
  2. Using the web to grow your business – Social Networking
    Using Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Pinterest to create exposure to your business and get your name known.
  3. Using the web to grow your business – Website
    I can help you design and create your own website using WordPress CMS that will allow you to update your site with ease.
  4. Accounting
    Learn Brad’s excel and online cloud accounting system he uses to record and monitor his income.
  5. Outsourcing Work
    Learn the power of running a business with employees working for you…at any time of the day! Learn how Brad has employed:- An accountant / bookkeeper in Sydney for $15 hour
    – Web programmers in India for $15 hour
    – Virtual Assistant in Pakistan for $4.50 hour
    – Digital artist in Bangladesh for $5 per job
  6. Legacy / Dream / Goal setting
    Learn how becoming clear with your business goals on a daily basis can make your dreams become reality sooner rather than later!
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