Hey team!

Brad here with a monthly group text. Little bit late this month too. Been a busy one! I had my 43rd last week which was pretty awesome, and as spring heats up, we’ve got three lots of visitors staying with us this month too!

Monthly Payments Due

If you haven’t already sent across your monthly payment at the beginning of this month, please do. There are five weeks of payments for people seeing me Monday to Thursday and only four weeks for people seeing me on Fridays.

Sunday 13th in Kawana – Keto Life Event

If you’d like to come and learn more from a nutritional therapist and a naturopath about ketogenic strategies to FastTrack the improvements in health that you seek, then I’d highly recommend you join me this Sunday! Free drinkable ketones at 1:30pm then from 2-3pm some not to be missed education. Hit me up if you’re interested so I can give you more details.

Keto Kartel

The Keto Kartel is my branding and business name associated with the community of people that I have brought into the Drinkable Ketone Space. I’ve just created two new online presences that I’d love you too check out and support. Thanks in advance! www.ketokartel.biz https://www.facebook.com/theketokartel/

Wim Hof Breathing and Ice Baths

If you’d like to incorporate the benefits of focus breathing and ice past your next session, let me know in advance so I can have it prepared! If you haven’t yet seen what I’m talking about, click below and see Dr Bens record 4min!


See you next session!



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