Hey team

We’re almost there – 2019 is almost done! It’s also been almost 1 year since I’ve moved to the Sunshine Coast – Dec 15th. My wife, daughter and I are so pleased that we made the transition from Sydney. It’s had its challenges, but since I’ve returned to Sydney three times this year for visits, each time has helped confirm to me that I’m happy with the change!

Some important information for you….

Monthly Payments Due

If you haven’t already sent across your monthly payment at the beginning of this month, please do.
Monday – Tuesday = 5 weeks of payments.
Wednesday – Fridays = 4 weeks of payments.

Need Some XMAS Ideas?

A) Gift Certificate – 60min intro session (AUD$110)
Give a friend or loved one time with me for a mini-assessment and to get a sense of how I can help them.

B) Gift Certificate – 4 x 60min sessions (AUD$440)
Give someone a month of weekly sessions with me! Includes 30min FREE with their first 90min assessment session ($55 saving).

C) 5, 10 or 20 pack of Drinkable Ketones
Many of you are drinking my beloved Pruvit product and reaping the benefits. Time to share the love!
– Mixed 5 pack ($55, or $60 posted)
– Mixed 10 pack ($100, or $110 posted)
– Mixed 10 Day Drink Keto Challenge 20 pack – 2 per day (US$99 / AUD$170-190 depending on shipping option chosen). Purchase here. Then let me know you bought it so I can support that person to reach their goals!

D) Primal Cleanse Facebook Group Membership
This is almost completed! I endeavour to have a descriptive video on the cover page this week in order explain this more. In essence it’s a paid subscription only Facebook Group for Primal Health members wanting the tools to take 14 days off to REST, HEAL and RECHARGE! 4 times a year with the flow of each season, people on this group will be able join a community of people who take 2 weeks off nourishing their body with Holistic Health techniques tried and true. Outside of those times, the group is setup for you to do the cleanse by yourself, connecting with the group when you need help! This is ultimate way for people to connect with me who are on a budget, overseas or who need the ongoing daily accountability of community to help them reach their goals!

My initial pricing for this will be US$39 per season OR US$99 per year.

Show your interest here by clicking ‘Join Group’: https://www.facebook.com/groups/primalcleanse

Updated Pricing Structure

I know it can be a challenge to stick to your goals if you only see me once a week, while those of you who have seen me twice or more a week over time certainly see faster progression! Hence I’d like to reward people for coming twice or more per week. So the new addition to my pricing structure is:

10% off when you commit to 2 or more sessions per week, paid monthly in advance!

See my 60, 45 and 30min prices for one on one, buddy and threesomes, here.

Keto Kartel

The Keto Kartel is my branding and business name associated with the community of people that I have brought into the Drinkable Ketone Space. I’ll be doing more regular events soon. The next is poised to be another LIVE speaking event that I will be calling, ‘Ketones, Fasting and Holistic Health’. Look out for these next events coming up via my Facebook page here:


Mark Your Calendar – I’m Away

It’s been over a year since I’ve done any international travel for my Pruvit business. I’ve just booked my next trip to Utah and Las Vegas between January 21st to February 5th – back to work on the 6th.

See you next session!



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