Break Through Your BS!
Group Life Coaching

Would You Like to Break Through Your BS?

… to break through the BELIEF SYSTEMS you have in your mind that aren’t serving you?

Are you looking to improve your HEALTH from a truly HOLISTIC approach?


Are you sick of feeling subpar with your health and ready to develop a HOLISTIC HEALTH PLAN to improve it?

Are you ready to FOCUS WITH LASER PRECISION ON WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE instead of what you don’t?

Then you’re in the right place. No time more than now, are people concerned about their HEALTH. Their physical, mental, nutritional and spiritual health.

The worldwide lock-downs we have been experiencing in 2020-21 has forced so many of us outside our comfort zones. To me, I thrive in times like this, and in this case it forced me to finally create a service offering LIFE COACHING in a GROUP format, doing weekly life coaching sessions with people over 8 weeks that I would usually only do one on one with people. 90min sessions. 8 weeks.

 Available as a LIVE group event, or as a pre-recorded more affordable option.

BTYBS! - Julie Head

Julie Head – May 2020 Participant

“I really was apprehensive to sit down and ask such pointed questions about my lifes values, whats.most important to me, how do I want to be remembered etc….and then to form a.mission statement. Sounds so formal. But with Brad giving clear directions it was really easy to take the portions we worked on and put something together. When I read my completed mission statement out loud , I could really feel the positive energy building up in my gut and energizing me to take action. I felt hopeful and began to feel powerful within myself. I found this to be very exciting. So now I feel like I have a special tool to move me toward my by just reading my mission statement out loud everyday ( even if it feels silly or not).




BTYBS! - 2nd Group

Worldwide client testimonials

“It was an AWESOME first session! 🔥🔥

“This is eye opening!”

“Enjoying your health coaching so much. Reminded me.. small changes can have big impact.. Counting my chews,mindful of my dairy intake and water…..and my number 2’s.”

“Brad is an awesome coach !”

“Success with Sleep! I’m working hard on my sleep regime and last night finally slept on to 5 am uninterrupted…after months of not…..”




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