Prices Updates – July 1st and Dec 31st 2021

Prices Update 2021

Hack Your Way to Better!

3 months have already flown by since my last newsletter. Lots going on! Check it out.

Closing out 2019!

2019 is almost at an end!

Keto, Ice Baths and Spring!

Spring has sprung! Lets talk, Keto, Ice Baths and Events!

Autumn on the Sunny Coast!

It’s 4 months in for my family here on the Sunshine Coast! Time has flown. 15 of you are currently seeing me. 13 new people from the SC.

1 month on the Sunny Coast

My first newsletter from the Sunshine Coast! I’ve been here 1 month today. Two weeks since I started working from home. A dream I decided to make a reality 6 months ago.

Sydney to Sunshine Coast

I’m moving to the Sunshine Coast!

My Ketosis Experiment Using Keto OS by Pruvit – 5 Month Mark

This is a summary of the last 5 months since Keto OS came into my life. My experiment and personal results, customer results examples and feedback, and how you can try it out yourself.


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