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My first newsletter from the Sunshine Coast! I’ve been here 1 month today. Two weeks since I started working from home. A dream I decided to make a reality 6 months ago. A huge welcome to the first 7 clients that have joined my worldwide community of clients I’ve built relationships with in the last 25 years. Thank you for your patronage and I look forward to helping you create the best versions of yourselves!

People Like You

People Like You

It’s been a while since I’ve had to advertise myself, so since I’ve been up here starting again from scratch, I’ve been creating several videos exhibiting how I can help people. It just so happened that two of my former Sydney clients (most probably reading this now!), decided to come up and visit in the last month. Their back pain was both really bad from the long drive up. So I decided to help MARTIN and MATT get out of their pain, filmed both assessments – which I’d never filmed before, then posted it up on Facebook, advertised it on five Sunshine Coast Community boards and viola! My inbox and phone calls have been busy ever since. A confident start for us moving up here not knowing exactly what to expect.

If you’re interested in watching any of the videos, visit the page link below and scroll to the bottom to watch them. If you know I could help someone up here, I’d appreciate the referral. Share the link or relevant post on my Facebook business page.

People Like You:
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My former Sydney tribe!

I miss you all! So many of you were a big part of my lives for a loooong time. My longest standing consistent clients being 16 years! I will certainly not forget you all. Keep in contact especially through Facebook and if you ever wish to come stay at the Rasmus household and do some daily sessions, hit me up! Hmmm…. that just gave me an idea!

Thanks to all of you that turned up to our Sayonara Party too! Was a great afternoon.

Mona Vale - Apex Park

January – February Payments

For all new clients, please remember to pay for your initial sessions, then ongoing as written in my first email, I prefer to receive my fees once a month at the beginning of the month in advance. Whether you see me twice a week or once a month, it makes accounting easier for everyone and prevents myself or my secretary (my wife) having to follow you up! Thanks in advance.

Local Health Professionals

A big part of my ability to do what I do, is working with other quality health professionals. I’ve so far connected with 6 businesses locally. Some I’m still yet to meet, but services I will be initially using to help me help people achieve BETTER in their lives. If you live on the Sunshine Coast and I recommend a service to you, here where to find their details.

Health Referrals

Thanks for reading. See you next session!



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