Your Programs for September

I'm in awe of the beauty of Queesntown! Argh!!!

Your Programs for September

Sweet As bru!

I’ve got my Kiwi lingo on since spending a week in NZ. To be honest we hardly saw or spoke to any Maoris or local Kiwis. It’s tourist mania! Such a beautiful part of the world though. Will definitely be going back. Quick update.

My Calendar

USA: Entire month of September

For some reason I only thought I had 1 week left between my NZ and USA trips. Alas, I do not, I’m here for 2 weeks! So book in as many sessions as you can Mon-Wed before I leave as I’ll be away the entire month of September to have some family time in Arizona, and expand my Pruvit – Keto OS business. My online sessions will still be running whilst I’m over there though.

September Programs

Whilst I’m away, this should not be an excuse for you not to train! If you are regularly training with me each week, you are entitled to come use the upstairs gym at CrossFit Athletic without me, whilst I’m away. So let me set you up with some programs whilst I’m gone. Alternate these programs depending on your chosen difficulty level.


Advanced September Program


Intermediate September Program

Enjoy guys!


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