Why I think you should try this supplement called ‘7.2 Recovery’

Why I think you should try this supplement called ‘7.2 Recovery’

Hey guys

Most of you are on my Primal Health mailing list and would have seen some articles with videos coming through lately showing me getting tested with Live Blood Analysis and ElectroAcupuncture by Dr. Ranga Premaratna in Mosman. You may have also seen the amazing results that occurred since he introduced me to a supplement called ‘7.2 Recovery’.

Why am I now pushing a supplement when I’ve been touting for years, ‘A balanced Primal 6 and organic food is all you need!’ ?

1/ I’ll admit, even with my Primal approach, I was disappointed to see my blood on that first day. It wasn’t looking the best. But I realise we live in an un-primal world with depleted soils, environmental toxins, stressful jobs and more. So sometimes our bodies need a bit more help, even when we feel in balance with our Primal 6.
2/ I’ve seen the amazing effects of 7.2 Recovery on my blood cells under a microscope in minutes!
3/ I’m sleeping better than I have in years and can actually remember my dreams now for the first time, probably ever.
4/ I’ve tested 7.2 Recovery for a month and I definitely have a much better ability to work out for longer. I like this feeling!
5/ I’ve scrutinised 7.2 Recovery ingredients and satisfied that they are safe substances for daily human consumption.

A visual summary if you haven’t yet watched my videos

7.2 Recovery Stats

– It’s marketed as a Molecular Hydrogen product.
– 90 tablets per bottle
– AUS$60
– Manufactured and sent from the USA.
– Recommend dose on bottle:
3 tablets / 3 x day. The bottle would then last ten days. If you saw my video on the post entitled ‘Astounding Visual Proof of How Sugar Instantly Affects Your Blood Cells’ you would have seen the power of just 1 tablet in reversing the effects of the 2 handfuls of jellybeans I ate. Hence, 1 tablet lasts around 8 hours. I’ve been recommending 1 tablet / 3 x day or 3 tablets once before a workout. Then the bottle will last 1 month if you are wanting to make it last longer.
– Ongoing:
If you like them and want to continue taking them regularly, then we’ll set you up online or over the phone with the company so they can send you an auto ship each month or so, as I don’t plan on stocking them at the gym. I think you then also get them at $52.52 per bottle too. Will have to check on that.

Do you want to try 7.2 Recovery yourself?

7.2 - Recovery with HydroFX - Seven Point 2 - Molecular Hydrogen

I have 10 bottles available now at work. Get in quick if you want some! Alternatively you can buy them online here.

Remember, nothing beats a primal diet and lifestyle, first and foremost. Don’t use this as a cheat mechanism to ignore your primal needs. Use it in conjunction!


Note: I am now an Independent Global Associate with SevenPoint2 since these experiments.

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