The Power of a Eulogy

The Power of a Eulogy

The Power of a Eulogy

The end of my US trip is near. I’ve had a great time here. Plenty of friend and family time, some Skype work sessions and plenty time to detach from normal life back in Sydney. Will be hard to get back into it when we return!

Unfortunately a couple of days into my trip, our girlfriends father was killed in a hunting accident. It was devastating for her and her family. Bex, Kaiya and I went to the funeral service and I have to say, it was an inspiring experience. The church auditorium was packed. 200-300 people. The family and friends that got up to speak about this man were amazing. Brian Pinney certainly had a huge influence on the greater Phoenix community. He certainly left a legacy behind. The people there had nothing but good things to say about him. Even random people in the congregation that he had worked with over the years, stood up to share their own stories of how their experiences with Brian had significantly affected their life. One of the most touching stories we heard was from his son. He explained a story told to him by his grandma, within the week after his death. A story of how his father had helped a mother and daughter out one morning on his way to work. The mother was crying hysterically on the side of the road. Apparently she had just been thrown out of residence and had nowhere to go. Brian took her to a hotel and paid for a weeks accommodation for her and her daughter. A selfless act that saved her life. The young lady had later written to him explaining how his simple act prevented her from killing herself and gave her a new start. Brian had apparently only told the Grandmother this story. He wasn’t the sort of person that boated about his accolades and required recognition for such thing. A touching story that has inspired to give more to random people. Our hearts go out to our friends Cari and Ado and their family.

Since my last CHEK course last year, I have now been applying coaching principles involving getting people to imagine their own funeral and write their own eulogy. Some of you, especially new clients, would have gone through this process. It’s a great way of helping you to work out what your overall goals should be and what you need to do to live your legacy. Try it if you haven’t already, as it’s a great process to go through.

Church Funeral Service

An unfortunate way to start my holiday attending a funeral service, but as I mentioned above, it was extremely inspiring. Note: image above was not the service we attended.

Watson Lake Prescott Arizona

My wife Bex and her brother Adam at my favourite lake to meditate and practice Qi Gong at; Watson Lake, Prescott, Arizona.

Cholla We-Ko-Pa Golf Course

Cholla We-Ko-Pa Golf Course

Prescott Lakes Golf Course

Prescott Lakes Golf Course

Cyber Training Coaching

A Skype session from my camping spot with my client Stefanie in Amsterdam! I love technology.

My girls are metal heads!

My girls are metal heads! Arizona has the best metal radio station to serve our music needs!

another reminder for those that live in Sydney…

Primal 636 Winter Group Training 2013

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Payment – Account Details

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Bring a friend

If your friend has NOT worked with me before, he/she will have to complete a 60min assessment to clear them for participation.


Whilst the groups can be made harder and easier for the participants, these groups are not for beginners and or people with significant pain and or structural issues. A period of 1 on 1 training with Brad will be required prior if this is the case.


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