That Sugar Film | Primal Cleanse | Group Training

That Sugar Film

That Sugar Film | Primal Cleanse | Group Training

Hey all

What a fantastic last week of Winter! As per usual, I like to physically test you all to see what grounds you have made over the last 3 months, and some of you made some huge advancements! Well done to all of you. It makes my job so much more exciting to see a smile on your face when you’ve physically done something you thought you never could.

I’ll be honest, this last week for me has been pretty terrible. The longest time I’ve been sick in ages. Over a week now. I moved house again, then as some of you know who are friends on Facebook, I had the day from hell and told an 80 year old to stick it (yes, it was a pretty bad day) and shook me up emotionally. See, I’m human too! I’ve also been trialing a new neck massage therapy designed to re position the cranium on top of the atlas (top vertebrae of the spine). My neck is feeling amaaaaazing. My immune system after each session though as a result of the big change, dropped like a sack of spuds. So I’m not feeling very Primal lately. Today is the best I’ve felt in ages though. Onward and upward!

That Sugar Film

I’ve been a documentary-a-holic of the last 7 years since I became a CHEK Practitioner. If there was a new one I’d highly recommend watching that you can watch now for FREE, this is it. It’s a great visual representation of someone eating the same caloric amount of food per day over a month, but changes where he gets his calories from. The results will shock you if you are new to this way of thinking! Watch it here. It’s a perfect movie to watch before you commit to a certain level of the Seasonal Primal Cleanse. Buy a better copy version here.

That Sugar Film

That Sugar Film is funny and brilliant!

Spring Primal Seasonal Cleanse starts TODAY!

August 31st – 13th 2015.

If you are a newsletter subscriber, you would have received a link to the cleanse PDF here.

Whether it’s your 1st time or 15th time, your body will love you for it. My wife Bex and I haven’t done one since before our 7 month trip last week. It’s well overdue! Subscribers can click the link above, and get to work!

Subscribers to have been receiving this for FREE every 3 months for years. This time I’m offering it here on this site and newsletter.

The Cleanse in Short

– 4 times a year this is your chance to give your digestive system and overall health a break!

– 4 levels to choose from. Level 1 is super easy!

– 2 weeks to live 100% Primal, instead of living 80% (good)/20% (bad) (or even worse).

– Choose 1-2 weeks ‘weeding’ then 1-2 weeks ‘seeding’


All ‘dis-ease’ begins in the colon. Clean it regularly like you clean your teeth!

Spring ‘Primal 636’ Group Training!

Still Wednesdays at 6pm for 60 min

Contact me this coming week to book your spot! 2 left!
Join our ‘Tribe’ to condition yourself with programs designed to attack 6 movement patterns within 3 planes of motion using 6 different training modalities. 6 people per group maximum.

September Payments Due

Please commit and pay for September today. If there are any changes to your schedule for this month, please let me know now. Thanks!

Until next time!

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