Spring’s a Coming!

Spring’s a Coming!

G’day Team

First post in many months! I’ve been a bit lazy on this front. Too be honest, I’ve been very busy, and sending a group text with the same information has been a lot more time efficient! I thought it was about time to write a blog this time, so happy reading!

A big welcome to lots of new clients this month! Ali Watt, Ryan Smyth, Chris Winchester. Welcome back Emma Bowers!

NEW Facebook Business Page and Rebrand – Testimonials please!

I created a Facebook business page last week and I’d love to fill it up with some content. To bring more clarity to my services and point of difference with my offerings, I’ve now rebranded myself as a ‘Holistic Health Coach’ instead on an ‘Exercise and Lifestyle Coach’, because whilst Personal Training has been my bread and butter for many years, my technical rehab work and Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching as a CHEK Practitioner and my Life Coaching and NLP sessions are above and beyond just exercise and the average Personal Trainer.

Some short written testimonials and video testimonials would be awesome. Let me know if you’re willing to help.

LIKE my Facebook business page here: https://www.facebook.com/BRHHC

Brad Rasmus - Holistic Health Coaching

Brad’s September 2018 Calendar

This month coming, I’ll be away for another Pruvit event in Dallas, Texas, USA. The Ketone conversation just keeps getting bigger and bigger and I’m loving being a part of it. I’ll be away Tuesday 18th – Wednesday 26th September. I will be making myself available on Thursday 27th and 28th to make up for that week.

Ketones? Whats are they?

For new clients that have seen the Keto boxes on my work desk at Brookvale and unfamiliar yet with what Exogenous Ketones are yet and the amazing line of products that I distribute through Pruvit, check it out here:


It’s testimonials like this that fire me up to be at the forefront of this conversation! Check out this one once of my business partners received recently from a true Aussie larrikan:

Pruvit Keto MAX Testimonial - Scott McBride

September Payments 2018

For those of you already on the ball who are about to pay, thank you! This month you’ll have to calculate your sessions based on my availability and whether you do a session on the 27th or 28th, so grab a calendar and count how many sessions you will be attending before you pay. Thanks!

Spring Primal 636 Group Personal Training – Payment Due

Currently I have 1 group running at 5pm Wednesdays in Brookvale at CFA. 6 people maximum. It would be great to fill up this group this season! If you’ve especially completed a rehab program with me an your pain levels are low, come test your physical abilities over a full season. I call this ‘Primal 636’ as it refers to 6 primal movement patterns, 3 planes of motion and 6 training modalities from which the group training is based.

60min = $25 per person when charged per season. 11-12 weeks this season based on my availability.
60min = $30 per person when charged per session/monthly.

Mona Vale Sessions

I’m pretty booked out at Brookvale these days on Monday arvo and all of Wednesday but still have availabilities for Mona Vale on Monday morning and the majority of Thursday. It’s been awesome to more outdoor training closer to home! I open up my garage, pull out my gear and carry it to the park and viola! Pop Up gym! I do these sessions at Apex Park at the beach in Mona Vale. It’s the perfect place for outdoor training. Grass, water, sand, weights.  Should it ever rain Crossfit Athletic Mona Vale is a short drive away! Contact if you’re keen to increase your number of sessions per week, refer a friend down this way, vary your indoor to outdoor sessions or change!

Group Training in Mona Vale

Thanks for reading. See you next session!

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