My Ketosis Experiment Using Keto Os

Keto OS - Pruvit - Exogenous Ketones

My Ketosis Experiment Using Keto Os

Want to be involved in my next experiment? Yes YOU. I’ve had so much fun doing more experiments lately (see Primal Health) that has brought back the scientist in me, that I’m ready to do another one on a bigger scale. I’m getting really excited to do this one as it holds great promise in the results it will produce in significantly reducing bodyfat and increasing athletic performance, without daily grinding workouts or change in diet.Sounds too good to be true I know. That’s why I don’t believe it and am going to test it and need people like you to help me! Why? It’s fun and it can potentially help A LOT of people in the process, which ticks my boxes.

Your eligibility – Answer these questions:
Would you rather burn more fat each day as your preferred fuel source instead of sugar/protein?
Want to curb your sugar cravings, improve your daily energy performance and lose fat easier?
Would you rather your metabolism or ‘daily fire’, be burning coal or kindling each day? What burns longer?
If you’ve answered YES to the first two and COAL to the third, you’re eligible to join me or another health professional wanting to test this too. It’s not available in Australia yet, so if you live here, you’ll be one of the first to use it based on the way I’m accessing it.

Keto Os by Pruvit

Introducing Keto OS by Pruvit

The same person that introduced me to the magic of the 7.2 – Recovery product, called me up about this product. So I trust his knowledge of supplements, as it’s certainly not my forte anymore like it is his. I’ve only used 4 satchels of the stuff after researching it, but the amount of energy it gave me during those workouts blew me away. My PB (personal best) for a Barbell Clean for a long time has been 185lb (84kg). The other day I did 205lb (93kg) as part of a Crossfit WOD. So, when I was already fatigued! That blew me away.

The supplement is called Keto Os (Ketone Operating System). Its claim to fame seems too good to be true but the following of Keto Os in the US alone is already insane. From a video I watched on YouTube, back in September 2015, Pruvit were selling US$100,000 per DAY of this stuff! That’s really impressive for a product and business. In other words, people are buying it. There are repeat customers. It’s in demand.

What is Ketosis?

Watch the short animated video on the top right part of this homepage here.

The Challenge of Ketogenic Diet

The challenge of achieving a state of ketosis in the body is following the strict diet and exercise regime to get there. From working with many people over the years, I’ve found it a huge struggle for clients that have attempted to strictly eat an anti-fungal/anti-parasite diet or to truly eat like a Protein Type for a long period of time. In other words, taking this supplement is a cheat way of getting into a state of Ketosis to allow people to burn fat. So instantly, as a holistic health professional, I said NO to using it. I would much rather teach a person how to prepare more nutritious Primal organic meals then get people to shove supplements down their throat and put them on a roller-coaster of yo-yo diets. After thinking about it, I changed my tune though, as I feel even if someone took this for a month, it holds great promise in dramatically curbing a persons reliance on sugary foods and potentially changing habits for a lifetime. Who knows? I’m sure there are others that already know using it in the states, nothing is as good as first hand experience. Hence my experiment.

If it truly creates the fat burning environment it says it does, without side effects, I’ll be excited to use this with two types of people.

Two types of people I’m looking for:

1/ People that really really struggle with losing body fat.
Whether you are obese, or you have struggled to lose body fat no matter what approaches you’ve tried.

2/ People that have a major challenge in curbing their sugar cravings.
Whether you have fungus and parasite problems causing the cravings or you are an elite athlete constantly moving your body, I want to see if this will positively affect you to reduce your cravings and increase your performance.

The BRELC Ketosis Experiment – #BRELCketosis

Goal: To measure the change in a person’s bodyfat levels and/or performance from consuming 1 x satchel/day of Keto Os supplement, without changing diet or current exercise habits significantly.

1/ You must start this BEFORE the 15th August 2016 and COMPLETE by 15th August 2016

2/ Choose the number of days you wish to partake in the experiment – 5, 10, or 30 days.
– You will take one satchel of Keto Os per day.

3/ Purchase Keto Os
United States: purchase it here.
Sydney, Australia:You can only order and pick up from me. Price $AUD: 5=$50, 10=$90, 30=$250.

3/ Anthropometrics.Measuring your body.

Photos of your body from front, back and both sides with minimal clothes on.
Measuring your waist, hips and/or bodyfat using callipers, bio-impedance scales.
– OR get a DEXA scan.
Sydney: I got mine at Holistic Physio Fitness in Mona Vale. Contact Andrew Summers. $65-$75.

Preferably do all this with a health professional or someone skilled.
Book in a session with me and I’ll do it in 30min (AUS$50).

Getting a DEXA scan at Holistic Physio Fitness in Mona Vale, Sydney

5/ Optional – Measure your base level of fitness
If your goal is athletic performance, you must do this. If you want an improvement in your daily health and performance, choose as many as you wish depending on your exercise experience and fitness level:
a) Time to complete 1km (walk, jog, run)
b) Time to swim 50m
c) 20 metre running beep test. explanation / audio.
d) Number of pushups, chinups, air squats with good technique until fatigue
e) Max Strength 1RM Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press, Chin Up
f) Sports specific test you would normally do, that you can measure
g) CrossFit Fran. I hate this workout, so I’ll choose it!

FREE You Tube Video – 6:25min – Watch Brad suffer through his benchmark fitness tests

5/ Optional – Measure the amount of ketones in your blood
Do this before and after taking the supplement, or before and after the experiment. Higher levels of ketones indicate your fat burning potential. A test for people keen to see what this does inside their body.

KetoStix are used to measure the level of ketones in your blood

6/ Re-measure and re-test your body
Preferably use the same health professional, person or DEXA scan who did it at the start.
Book in a session with me and I’ll do it in 30min (AUS$50). b

7/ Share your results
– Send me your results, however you have recorded them, through email or contact page.
– If you choose to share your results on Facebook or Instagram, use the hashtag #BRELCketosis and tag me, so the community can see your results and you can help motivate others.

If you’re in Sydney, contact me today to purchase your supplements and commit to the experiment. Next post I’ll share all my beginning results. As I’m not looking at any body fat loss, mine are all based on exercise performance and sugar cravings.


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