Services Overview

Holistic Health is all encompassing. Hence, as a Holistic Health Professional, I have a range of skillsets I’ve learned over the years that can influence the journey you take with me and the services you choose to use the most depending on your goals, needs and level of commitment.

See an overview below of what I offer. Click on the links for more information:

Coaching Options

Face to Face Coaching

Physical Focus

  • Rehabilitation / Corrective exercise / Postural Correction
  • Personal Training
    • Functional task specific / sport specific / advanced strength training.
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching.
  • Working-in / meditation / qi gong sessions

Online Health Coaching

  • Cyber Coaching is what I term sessions we do using online video.
    • Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching.
    • Life Coaching and NLP.
    • Counseling.
    • Physical exercise sessions are certainly doable, but more effective when in person, especially with conducting proper physical assessments.

Mental Focus

One-on-One, Buddy, Threesome Coaching [1-3 people]

  • All ‘Mental Focus’ sessions are One-on-One.
  • ‘Physical Focus’ Sessions are done One-on-One or with more people:
    • One-on-One: Ideal for people with pain, illness, high stress levels, and/or weak movement patterns.
    • Buddy / Threesome: Ideal for people with lower pain and stress levels and stronger movement patterns.
    • Typical sessions involve: nutrition and lifestyle education, weight training, cardio, flexibility and relaxation.
    • You will be given a program to follow on your own to complement your regular training.
    • Your programs are determined by the results of your initial assessments and questionnaire.
    • Your program will change regularly to work different muscular systems focusing on posture, endurance, strength and power.
    • Each client must undergo an initial 90 min assessment: Discussion of your questionnaire results, health history, movement, range of motion, pain and posture assessment.

‘Primal 636′ Group Training [4-6 people]

  • Contact Brad for latest schedule.
  • One season = 3 months / 12-13 weeks.
  • ‘Primal 636′: Refers to 6 primal movement patterns, 3 planes of motion and 6 training modalities from which the group training is based.
  • Less personalised but still small enough groups to get individual attention.
  • Best for people whose overall stress level or ‘physiological load’ is low to medium. (Low pain and stress levels, good mobility and controlled exercise technique)
  • New members to the group starting mid-season will be charged the higher hourly group rate.
  • Each group member must undergo an initial One-on-One 60min session to assess physical readiness for group training.