Primal Health, Gluten Summit, OS Travel

The Gluten Summit

Primal Health, Gluten Summit, OS Travel

Hey guys

Lots going on in my world I thought I’d share with you. Will try and keep it short!

Primal Health

My wife Rebecca (Bex) and I have posted quite a heap of informative articles lately on Primal Health. I hope you have been reading them and getting a lot out of it. I know a lot of you still aren’t on our subscriber list or Facebook member page, so I’m going to make it easy for you and subscribe you myself to the emails 🙂 Please feel free to unsubscribe at any time though. It’s a weekly email. I just want you to receive at least one of them so you know what it’s all about as we put a lot of time and effort into them. Check out this recent article. Whilst talking about your bowel movements is certainly more of a taboo subject than dinner table conversation, it seems like everyone is pretty keen to know more! This is our most shared article so far. Read it here. Our next article comes out on Thursday.

Sharing stats from Bex's article: 'POOP: What to do if you don' t at least have 1 a day!

Sharing stats from Bex’s article: ‘POOP: What to do if you don’ t at least have 1 a day!”

The Real Food Con and Gluten Summits

The Gluten Summit - 2013

There have been several online ‘summits’ of information lately, created and promoted by health professionals that have been simply outstanding. The Real Food Con was just on for 1 week, where 4 x 60min webinars a day were made accessible talking about everything to do with you guessed it, Real Food! 29 presenters mainly from the states, spoke about a whole heap of Primal related topics for FREE each day. Whilst they are not available now to watch, you can buy the whole summit for very cheap. Check it out here.

The next one is something you won’t want to miss. The Gluten Summit. A world first symposium on everything to do with Gluten. We’re all familiar now, reading the back of nutritional panels and seeing things like: “May contain traces of grains, soy, nuts, lactose or seeds”. These are the most common foods giving the population problems with their digestive systems due to how un-primal they are today. How many people do you know that have been ‘diagnosed’ as being ‘gluten intolerant’ or a ‘celiac’? The truth is, you most probably have issues with Gluten but just don’t know it yet. So click on the link here, and enter your email to be kept in the loop when the FREE summit starts on November 11th!

Our overseas travel goals in 2014 – May onwards

Isla Del Sol, Bolivia

An eco hotel we stayed at years ago at Isla Del Sol, Bolivia

Many of you already know this, but the more I verbalise it, the more likely it is to materialise! My daughter Kaiya, wife Bex and I, are planning on taking a ‘mini-retirement’ next year. Ultimately for 6 months. Bex and I have done this before for 1 1/2  years many years ago after we left our home in Japan where we were for 2 years. We want to do another one now before Kaiya goes to school. Our goal is to travel to Japan, Europe and Mexico. To save on accommodation costs, we want to stay with friends in several destinations, as well as staying on organic farms to take part in the WWOOF program. We’re really excited. We’re saving money and generating more online business to keep us going over the course of the time we’re away. Yes, we are coming back! My goal will be to find someone to replace me whilst I’m away to continue your coaching.

If you will be in any of these areas yourself and would like to meet up, or can potentially help us out with accommodation whilst we are away we’d love to hear from you 🙂

Have a great week guys!


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