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Wish you could have a personal trainer, nutrition and lifestyle coach, but can’t afford it? Just want to feel leaner, stronger, fitter and younger…but don’t know how? That’s where Primal Health comes in.My wife Rebecca (Bex) and I are Holistic Health Professionals with over 17 years combined experience. It’s our legacy in life to help as many people as we can feel as healthy as we do. Not everyone has access to or can afford a good coach / trainer, so through the power of the internet, we want to help anyone and everyone. That means you! So we have created a health blog that shares everything we teach our paid customers. Food, Movement and Lifestyle Simplified! Through articles, videos, recipes and more.Primal means going back to our roots, the Earth and nature; using the wisdom of our ancient ancestors and our natural instincts and listening to our bodies to find our best selves: full of energy and vitality and free of illness.