Pain No More / Early XMAS present for you!

C1 Studio - Darren Witt

Pain No More / Early XMAS present for you!

G’day Primal People,

My second update for October. Enjoy!

Upcoming payments for November

Just a reminder to please pay during the last week of each month guys.It really helps me out and prevents me following everyone up… as well as paying my bills on time! Thanks all.

New Health Pro Referral

Neck pain has been an on again off again issue over the years for me that has led me down many physical, nutritional, emotional and spiritual paths to reduce its issues. As a CHEK Practitioner we are taught about the importance of breath, the jaw, eyesight and hearing influencing the position of the upper most vertebrae called the ‘atlas’ (C1). Maintaining a balanced functional position of this one bone which influences so much of the physical body, can be very tricky for a lot of people including myself. Fixing breathing patterns, diet, sight, and hearing are the first port of call, as well as adjusting the C1 via osteo and chiro adjustments… Until now! Darren Witt is a former client of mine who has an amazing health journey and story and now offers a service out of Bikram Yoga Brookvale called ‘Straighten Up’ out of his office called C1 Studio. I’ve had 3 sessions now and my neck really feels amazing! Looking forward to the next one. Contact him via:

Darren Witt - C1 Studio

Darren Witt treating me at C1 Studio

Early Holiday XMAS Present

XMAS is coming and so is holiday time! Yeeew! If you’re about to book some flights or accommodation, I have an early Christmas present for YOU. It’s called ‘NEVER PAYING RETAIL FOR TRAVEL AGAIN‘. This travel club I’m in has 3 pricing guarantees. One of them ensures that if you find your flight or hotel cheaper than for what you paid on our member site on the same day, you receive back 150% of the difference in travel currency. That’s FREE money for your next trip! I have plenty of examples to show you it in action. No catch. No bullshit. My GIFT to you! Contact me I’ll tell you how to become a member.

WV - Pricing Guarantees

3 Pricing Guarantees that can’t be beaten

Till next month!

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