November Update 2017 – Outdoor Training

November Update 2017 – Outdoor Training

G’day Team

Been a couple of months since we spoke. Hope you are well! I had an amazing time in the USA. Glad we got back before the craziness in Las Vegas with the shooting though. Very sad state of affairs over there 🙁

November Payments 2017

For those of you already on the ball who are about to pay, thank you! This month there are:
– 4 weeks for Mon and Tuesday people
– 5 weeks for Wed-Thurs people

Refer a Friend in November!

If you refer a friend that books in for an assessment session in November, YOU get a complimentary 60 min session for your troubles. Thank you in advance!

NEW Group Training Times in Mona Vale for Spring and Summer

I’ve been talking about this for a while. From next week (30th onward) I’d like to start outdoor training in Mona Vale at Apex Park at the beach. It’s the perfect place for outdoor training. Grass, water, sand, weights. If you want in, please help me choose the best times by clicking on this Doodle Scheduling link:

3 people minimum. Looking at Mondays and Thursdays either at 9:30am and/or 5:30pm.

Group Training in Mona Vale

Keto Kross Training – FREE Group Training

The Keto Kommunity continues to grow. What is a ‘Keto Kommunity’ I hear you ask? Quite simply people that are keen to experience the benefits of eating a Ketogenic LCHF Diet (Low Carb, High Fat) and everything that comes with it, such as drinking Keto OS!

Want to join our community each month for FREE Yoga, Walking, Training, Cooking and the like? Check out our Keto Kommunity Kalendar to see what’s on! Just join a community event, learn more about all things Keto and get a chance to try out our Keto OS products.

Want to join a FREE Keto Kross Training session with me? I plan on doing these now every month. A 60min outdoor training session at Apex Park as mentioned in the above section. No cost for the session. You just have to drink Keto OS and/or promote the session and use of the product through your Facebook and Instagram network on the day, tagging me too. We can have some fun with the photography too! Contact me for more info.

Next one is:
Sunday 5th November 4pm – Apex Park, Mona Vale (as above image)

Facebook Event Page:

Let me know ASAP if you’re coming.

See you guys at your next session!


Bring your swimmers and get ready to get wet, sweaty and have some fun!
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