New Website! & July Update 2017

New Website! & July Update 2017

Hey all

We’re in the thick of Winter now, aren’t we! Apologies for the tardiness in between newsletters. In the last month I’ve had the website full upgraded to look swankier as well as mobile friendly. Check it out here at:

July Payments 2017

For those of you already on the ball who paid last week, thanks for payment! This month there are:
– 5 weeks for Mondays
– 4 weeks for Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Thanks for making my accounting way easier to manage working with so many people. For new people, remember to pay prior to the next month in advance.

My Calendar

Get out your diary and put these dates in guys. I haven’t been on as many holidays with my travel club in the last year as I have been in the previous year and half, but I’ve certainly been traveling a lot more spreading the word of ketones as you would know. In the next coming months I’ll be doing even more. I have many business partners I’m going to visit, to coach. Really excited about it. I’m going to Mackay, Perth, Airlie Beach, Queenstown and the USA for work and play. The only ones that will affect you are below:

Queenstown: August 14th-20th
USA: Entire month of September

See you guys at your next session!


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