My Mexican Life and Return to Australia

Puerto Escondido - Brad Rasmus

My Mexican Life and Return to Australia

Hey all!

Checking in again. Thanks for those that replied after my last mail. It’s great to hear back from some of you to see how you are doing, or NOT doing without me! For those on Facebook, I hope you’ve enjoyed receiving my travel adventure photos.

I’m currently in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. We have been here for a month and are staying for 1 month more. It’s a smallish surf town and fishing village. The surf is ALWAYS on, the food is a wet dream, and everything is ridiculously affordable. We are really going to find it hard to leave here 🙁 We leave for the United States in mid November for a family Christmas, then back to Sydney in January, so I look forward to seeing some of you then!

I’ll be keen to start working pretty much as soon as I get back to Sydney. In order to rent a apartment again, any Real Estate will want to see I’m earning money! I’ve also bursting at the seams with new information about Nutrition and Lifestyle since this trip, so I look forward to sharing it with you! The way I’ve been eating has actually changed a bit too based on availability and food quality.

If any of you are aware of any house sitting opportunities on the beaches in January,I’d love to hear from you! There are plenty of people that usually leave Australia for the month of January. Unfortunately, all of our expats friends that usually go, are NOT going this year! Damn! So, if you are someone like this, or know someone like this that needs their house looked after, or they have a pet needing a master for the month or more, please pass on my details.

Some of you on Facebook would know, I’ve been writing a Travel Book. Outside of health, travel has always been a big passion for me. A big part of being here in Mexico for me, has been to bring clarity to my current dreams, make them goals I can work on achieving, then get to work on them here, whilst I have the time. My wife Bex and I traveled for a year and half about 10 years ago. We have so much information in our heads to share, so I decided after some market research, that I should put the energy in to writing one. The working title (resureccted from our previous travel website) is Explore Now and the slogan ‘Extended Travel for Singles, Couples and Families’.

I’ve been working a lot here. Lot’s of Skype sessions! It’s been an exciting experience quite frankly. Location independence has always been a dream of mine. Especially to live and work in a more affordable country whilst earning AUS and US money. Basically, I’m excited to see my ‘Dreams to Reality’ coaching sessions that I do with people come to fruition again with my own dreams. I’ve also been coaching the owner of the Spanish school in exchange for complimentary Spanish classes and cheaper rent!

Cyber Coaching - Online Health Skype Coaching - Brad Rasmus

Some of you that have been spending time with me on Skype!

That’s my world at the moment! Would love to hear back from some of you. Keep in touch!


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