My Latest Experiments – 7.2 Order

How Meditation Improves Your Blood Quality

My Latest Experiments – 7.2 Order

Howdy team current and former.

The majority of you on this email list are also on my Primal Health email list so you should have received my emails in the last couple of weeks showing some experiments I’ve been doing with Dr. Ranga Premaratna and my friendMaz Compton. They’ve been so funand hope you’ve got a lot out of them as I have. If you haven’t seen them yet, here are the links below to watch the short videos.

How Meditation Improves Your Blood Quality

How Beer and Coffee Affect Your Blood Quality

The Effects of Magnesium and Calcium on Blood Quality After Beer and Coffee

Check them out!

Once again I’ve shown how amazing that damn ‘7.2 – Recovery’ supplement is! I can’t fault it. The Primal 6 is always first and foremost, my education I provide before encouraging taking any supplement. I have to say though, this particular supplement and the vast change in ingredient quality over the years that I’ve witnessed from about 10 years ago when I was really into supplements, has impressed me and got my interest again. So much show about to test another one for a month and need people to test it with. Keep an eye out, I’ll be in touch about that!

7.2 Supplements Order

You’ve seen the effects of Recovery and I’d highly recommend you try it out. Here’s your chance if you haven’t already. 7.2 also have a vegan based shake and greens powder too which I can highly recommend too. I combine the two of them as a shake for the days where I am at work and run out of food. It started happening a lot more, especially the more I have done Crossfit and increased my hunger. That led me then to go across the road and keep buying less than favourable non-organic food options. So after testing their shake over the last year, I dig it. I am happy to recommend it. No more pasteurised non-organic whey full of fillers and crap. Organic, vegan ingredients that taste amazing. Yes vegan. No I’m not vegan.

Order with me before Friday 29th July:
I will be buying a shipment of 7.2 Shake, 7.2 Greens and 7.2 Recovery for myself before Friday. If you would like to buy some yourself, get back to me by this Thursday 28th and I’ll order it all together to save on shipping.

Else if you’re a keen customer, don’t wait for me. I can help you set up a monthly order to your door and then you’ll get a significant discount each month.

Click here to visit the 7.2 supplement website for details and retail prices

7.2 Recovery, Shake and Greens


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