Moving again…Next Stop, Crossfit Athletic Brookvale!

Crossfit Athletic Brookvale

Moving again…Next Stop, Crossfit Athletic Brookvale!

Last blog, I told you that it was time to move again. Training Space in Brookvale, where I’ve been for the last year and a half, is closing. The model didn’t work and there just wasn’t enough money to sustain it. So as much as I was flustered to think about moving again (my 11th facility since 1996!), I must say the search was way easier than I expected and am excited to join the crew over at Crossfit Athletic! The facility looks great, the people are really friendly and the stereotype that most people have of Crossfit certainly doesn’t apply here. Have a good look at their Facebook page. Definitely looks like a great crew with good camaraderie.

Crossfit Athletic Brookvale

Crossfit Athletic - Brookvale - Upstairs

Upstairs where I’ll be most of the time

Crossfit Athletic - Brookvale - Downstairs

Downstairs at peak times

Anyhow, even though it’s a Crossfit facility, I am free to practice my methods and do what I want to do within their grounds. Hence, it will be business as usual for me. You’ll actually find a lot of the same equipment there from next week, as Paul Waldon the owner, has bought a lot of the Training Space equipment! So all is good. I’m quite excited for this change, as for the last several years working at TS and within Primal Movement, I’ve missed the community atmosphere that I certainly had working out of Fitness First for so long. So here’s to a good change of venue and for some people kicking my arse for a change when I join in the Crossfit groups myself!

Details You Need To Know

Crossfit Athletic
3 Chard Road
Brookvale, NSW 2100

– Clients of mine may use the upstairs PT studio area anytime without me to follow your program! Great deal eh? 7-8pm is always used though. Within 9-5pm hours, it will always be quieter and a better time to use it.
– No extra costs to you from Crossfit, unless you decide to become a member of Crossfit yourself and join their groups.
– Due to my rent being higher each week, my prices will change in only one area. I will now only give 5% off for 12 sessions or more purchase instead of 10%. Still the same prices otherwise as it has been for the last 5 years +.

I am starting here Monday morning, the 23rd of September! So please don’t go to Training Space, it will be closed. The only time I cannot work here is 5-6pm Wednesdays. Other than that, happy days 🙂

Check out their website here:
Check out their Facebook page here:

See you at Crossfit!

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