March Update – Scotland Island, Primal, Paleo, Travel

Hey all

Whether you’re an former client or current client, there’s something here for everyone today, some grab a cup of Joe and have a read!

Where I live – Scotland Island

I’ve been back in Sydney for 2 months. It’s great to be back, but I could have easily kept traveling.Unfortunately the bank account said no! In a way it doesn’t feel like we’re back in Sydney, since we are now living in a part of Sydney we’ve never ventured too prior. Scotland Island in Pittwater. We are living with former clients of mine from 10 years ago. Leanne and her kids Noah and Charlie. Her husband Jon is in the USA long term working, so I have 2 wives for now! We’re a big happy family living in a gorgeous home on the water. We re-met via a service/accommodation swap website that we had both joined. One that Bex and I were using in our travels. Here’s a picture of us below. We’ve been offered accommodation for a year or so, so we’re taking it. It’s a win win for both families. Feels like we’re on holiday every day! Maybe not the days it’s pouring down on a boat… but they are few and far between lately.

Our Scotland Island Family

Our Scotland Island Family

Welcome back and welcome new

Welcome to the 7 new clients that have joined in the last few weeks! I hope you enjoy your time with me. It’s great to see so many old clients come back too, even if only doing fortnightly or monthly sessions in comparison to weekly before. It’s made it an easy transition back into work for me, so I thank you for your patronage.

Monthly payments

Just a reminder to all long time clients and new clients, that I prefer payments to be done monthly in advance for the next month, during the last week of the month. I’ll send reminder emails during that week too with how many weeks are in the upcoming month (sometimes 5 weeks). If you haven’t yet paid for March, please do!

Living Primal / Paleo

Bex and I spend Sunday with Pete Evans and guest speakers at Town Hall talking all things Paleo/Primal. As advocates of all things Primal for since 2010, it was so exciting and such a relief to hear about things we’ve been living and teaching for ages, in a mainstream public forum! Thanks to my Naturopath Helen Padarin for the tickets! Helen was a guest speaker. You can’t find here details here about her and her work, on my Health Referrals page. I highly recommend her, especially if you’ve consistently scored high on the ‘Fungus and Parasites’ part of my questionnaire, I would you see her for any testing relating to your gut.

For those of you that have been on our mailing list for ages reading our Primal Health articles, you would have noticed we’ve been quiet of late. We’ve decided not to put as much energy into it as we have been the last few years. It takes up a lot of time and energy. We’ve had to weigh up the pros and cons and decided to focus our time on other things for now. We did just happen to finish a joint blog on Parasites though, due to an overwhelming response that we received from Bex’s article on having a parasite called ‘Dientamoeba Fragilis‘. You should have received this via our Primal Health email list. Worth a read.

Paleo Way - Pete Evans and Guests - Sydney

The Paleo Way – Pete Evans and Guests in Sydney Town Hall

My travel bug that won’t stop itching

No I’m not going to talk to you about parasites I got in Chile years ago! I want to let people know about my ravenous appetite for all things travel (if you didn’t know already). I’m about to put more time back into finally publishing two books that are related to extended travel (i.e. traveling for longer than the accepted 2-3 weeks year, without being wealthy and without living on a shoestring). If you haven’t already been to, support me by subscribing to our newsletter and getting lost in our travel stories! After 45+ countries that my wife and I have been to, we certainly have some good ones and been to some amazing places.

I’ve also recently joined a travel club that I think a lot of you might be interested in. An American based company that just launched in Australia that is like a ‘Costco’ of the travel agency. They buy mass quantities up front of accommodation, packaged trips and flights, then sell it back to members for a fraction of retail. It was a no brainer for me. I’ve jumped on a club member and also jumped on as a rep for the company as I think it sells it self and I’m keen to travel for cheaper and earn money in the process. If this appeals to any of you. Contact me. I’m regularly doing Skype presentations about it with veterans of the company, and there are talks every week in a place near you. Check out the price difference below for luxury accommodation in Italy for US$459 vs AUS$3494 (airfare separate). No brainer to me! Contact me if you want to know more.

World Ventures Italian Dreamtrip

World Ventures Italian Dreamtrip

Thanks for reading guys. Until next time!


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