Keto Os – Ketosis Experiment – Current Feedback- #BRELCKetosis

Hey all! A month ago I published a post about a new experiment I decided to run trialing a new supplement. What has transpired since then has been overwhelming to say the least. So many of you have wanted to join me! This blog will be updated regularly with remarks about what people are experiencing using Keto Os by Pruvit. Worth the read!

Disclaimer: These are subjective viewpoints from current participants. Their results may not be indicative of what you will experience.

Pruvit – Keto Os – Ketosis Experiment – #BRELCKetosis

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26th August 2016 Feedback

Here’s the original post I did about my #BRELCKetosis experiment. I like doing experiments and for this one I didn’t want to just do it on myself. I wanted to include my clients and maybe a few people in the public that were interested in testing a ketosis supplement that claims to do the impossible and put your body into a state of burning fat within 60min of ingesting it. It’s an ongoing experiment as I write this. I’ve now been taking it for 1 week and many others have been taking it a little longer. Here is the feedback I’ve received.

Thomas BUpon taking his first satchel of Pruvit – Keto Os Supplement
“Definitely felt a lift today!”

Becky SCurrently going through Breast Cancer and Chemotherapy – Former Bodybuilder
“Good luck everyone who is participating… I’ve nothing to say but huge positive things about not only Brad and his knowledge but the products success. As a patient going through cancer treatment it has been incredible for me on so many levels. Putting your body into ketosis helps with immune function over all health and in particular fighting disease. (Weight loss is just an added benefit!!) Getting into ketosis is virtually impossible for most as it requires Approx 16 hours of fasting. This product does it for you so much easier. Shifting from using glucose as fuel to ketones (and then fat!)”

Melissa IPhysiotherapist, group fitness instructor and manage of health retreat
“So far I am now 7 days in this experiment and I seem to be experiencing exactly the opposite symptoms to everyone else. I have put on weight, my clothes are definitely not looser, all my inflammation / tendonitis issues (there are numerous!) are more active than usual, I’m bloated, I feel tired and sluggish, irrespective of the amount of sleep I get, my performance is appalling (did 21km along Narrow Neck in the Blue Mtns yesterday and I was awful!). Have tried taking supplement before breakfast but no good on an empty stomach, tried with / after breakfast which is better (sort of) but stuffs my workout rather than makes it better, and tonight tried taking it with dinner which is not great as I now feel somewhat nauseous (pretty constant for a few hours after taking at any time of the day). Also get really cranky – weird but not pretty. At this stage I think I am far better off without. Do you have any thoughts?”

” I took supplement with dinner last night which is better than early morning and much better than on an empty stomach.”

“Feeling much better today so hopefully I have settled into it!”

Tim ThomasBeen eating a ketogenic diet with moderate success achieving ketosis until now…
“Most noticeable change is head is functioning much clearer serum ketones haven’t managed to shift much though still only around .2 mmol wondering if varying the timing and amount makes difference eg I am on to full satchel now but splitting either 2 or 3 times morning pre workout afternoon any thoughts whether I just have one satchel in one go”

A couple of days later…

“For the record my ketone results are singing along perfectly at moment around .8 most days very happy and excited to see where it goes from here. The head is still the most noticeable improvement brain fog has lifted significantly!”

Pruvit - Keto Os Ketosis Supplement

Join the experiment!

HeatherClient of Pruvit – Keto Os Supplement Promoter Tim P
“Tim so much more energy. Like triple. On fire all day long. No more ‘Christ I have yet to climb Everest’ at 3 pm in the afternoon. No weight loss as of yet….. Work and domestic goddess productivity soaring.”

Dave HPersonal Trainer – Upon 1st use of Pruvit – Keto Os Supplement
Tastes pretty good! Workout was good today, dunno if placebo or if It actually helped haha!”

Christian DCrossfit Box Owner – Upon 1st use of Pruvit – Keto Os Supplement
Have used it once last Wed, felt good. Going to use again this afternoon so will let you know how I go

Harry WCrossfit Coach and Crossfit Games Athlete 2016
“A couple of things I have come across in 4 days of use. Note: I eat a very high carbohydrate diet (up to 520grams per day) focussed on timing carbohydrates effectively and cycling low/medium/high carb days depending on training volume to increase strength and performance. I sit at about 6% body fat and weigh 86kg. I found that on the product my strength training was almost immediately adversely affected. Whether consuming the ketones as a more predominant fuel source meant I was getting less out of he carbs I was consuming for training I’m not sure…

On the flip side aerobic conditioning and swimming felt really good the last few days!
Brad I’m not sure if you are testing strength as one of your markers for performance but I think it would be a good idea for your experiment! I know it’s not a long time to test the product but I’m going to stop using it and test it out with one of my clients to see the results she gets with fat loss.

For me personally I’m in a strength phase of programming so don’t want to mess with this. So would love if you tested strength also brad to see where you end up in a couple of weeks with a bit of a longer testing period!!”

Petr PCHEK Practitioner, Professional Dancer
Hey guys. Personal experience in the past 3 weeks. I do lots of body weight strength training, rings, pole, Swiss ball etc…as well as regular dead lifting, lunging and squatting. And my strength increased HEAPS. Energy through the roof. I do not crave caffeine. I do 5 shows (dancing) through the week and 3 of them are on Saturday night and all of them quite endurance and I smash them like there no tomorrow and want to do 4th show.

Brent VFormer Professional Athlete
I’m 6 days into my experiment and haven’t noticed many obvious differences… I’m not sure whether it’s placebo or not… My tests don’t show any increase in ketones from 0. But I think I feel some zing for a short while after taking it! I’m inclined to think that my carb diet effectively diminishes its efficacy?

Days later…

“The glucose is 0 & Ketones is 0.8, probably pushing up to 1. The first 4 days showed no sign of ketones, the 5th day showed 0.5 Ketones. 6th day I missed. First two days i didn’t want sweet foods. But now I’m back to desiring sweet foods. My energy felt stronger first two day, however I’m not feeling that enduring stabilised energy flow as I did in the first 2, maybe 3 days. I’m squatting, deadlifting the same, haven’t noticed big changes in my weight training”

1 day later again…

Drank my satchel at 1030 today, tested 1hr later with 0.8 Ketones. Tested 10hrs later with 0.15 Ketones…

Australia CustomerUpon day 3 of consumption

Pruvit - Keto Os - Testimonial

Testimonial from a Promoters Australian customer

Brad RCHEK Practitioner, Health Pro of 20 years, Crossfitter – Creator of this experiment
“Since becoming a holistic health professional in 2006, I took an anti-supplement stance and became pro organic food… and nothing else! In the last couple of years I’ve found some decent supplements free from a heap of crap ingredients, introduced to me by people I trust, that I’ve subsequently been testing on myself for fun, to recommend to clients. Keto Os by Pruvit is one of them. Introduced to me 2 weeks ago. I can honestly say after 1 week of taking this, my energy during workouts has been phenomenal. My strength and cardiovascular strength has simultaneously improved. My Olympic Barbell Clean jumped from 185lb to 205lb at the end of a Crossfit WOD which astounded me. I’ll be properly re-testing myself in 3 weeks with 3 exercise tests as shown in the video below, as well as getting another DEXA scan to measure lean and fat tissue, but for now I’m pretty impressed with Keto Os. I’ll take it everyday for a month then back off to just before workouts to make it more affordable and so that I’m not reliant on a supplement each day to then make me feel I can cheat with diet and lifestyle factors. I’ve had one day off from hard training this week. I NEVER train that many days in a row. I’m a little sore today. It’s blown me away”

FREE You Tube Video – 6:25min – Watch Brad suffer through his benchmark fitness tests

More results to come over time!

If you want to participate as a CUSTOMER or PROMOTER, please contact me. Currently it has to be shipped from the US to Australia or any other country for that matter…but we have a way 🙂

For now, click on this link to watch a short informative video, talk with Naturopaths and Doctors on live chat, or if you live in the United States, you can buy it from that site.


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