Keto Kross Training – For FREE!?

Keto Kross Training - Mona Vale

Keto Kross Training – For FREE!?

Hey team!

Some exciting news for those of you on the Northern Beaches of Sydney that have been wanting to work with me on the Personal Training side of things for a while but have never committed.

How’s 4 FREE group training sessions sound? (worth AUD$120)

Hows is it FREE I hear you ask? What makes it Keto? What is Keto? You can scroll down and read below for that information, but prior to that, here’s the offer:


  • 4 x 60min group sessions. Must be used within 1 month.
  • No charge for my services (saving AUD$30 per session)
  • Entry requires consuming Keto OS before and/or during your session and posting your participation about my sessions and using Keto OS on Facebook or Instagram or both.
  • You must either be a personal Keto OS customer of mine OR a customer of a fellow Pruvit promoter in my community that I can track on my phone, else you purchase a sachet off me before the session for $8-$10.
  • If you wish to continue further than 4 sessions, you will require an assessment so I can really know your body before continuing on.

Current Group Times

  • Monday 5pm – Brookvale
  • Wednesday 5pm – Brookvale
  • Thursday 9:30am – Mona Vale Apex Park (New time to start)

See maps here for where these place are.

Contact me TODAY to apply for a position in the class! 3 spots left on a Monday and Wednesday. 6 on the Thursday.

What is Keto OS?

If you’ve been a client of mine for a while, you would have heard me speak about ketosis, the ketogenic diet and a supplement I’ve been promoting called Keto OS. You would also know, I’ve had a very anti-supplement approach to health for a long time, and that I’m not a fan of any diet being the one size fits all approach for everyone as based on my studies of the amazing work of Dr Weston A Price. My anti-supplement stance all changed when I decided to test out Keto OS. A drinkable form of ketones. Ketones are the very reason people eat a ketogenic diet. To simplify it majorly, when a person is successful in sticking to a ketogenic diet, our liver then produces ketones, which have a multitude of benefits, using fat as your main energy source being one of them! This 4min video below will explain it very simply.

Benefits of Keto OS
Which benefits of Keto OS do you want?

In 12 months of using Keto OS I’ve seen too many amazing changes in health than I can count. Check out this Dropbox folder that I’m constantly adding screenshots to, from our online forum. It’s unbelievable. I want EVERYONE to be drinking this, hence I want you to help me spread the word, through these FREE group sessions.

Here’s a few examples of some of the results people are experiencing:

I will be offering this until further notice! Contact me TODAY to apply for a position in the class! 3 spots left on a Monday and Wednesday. 6 on the Thursday.


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