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Contact Brad today if you…

  • Are looking for a holistic health professional
  • You want to vastly improve your physical, mental and nutritional health
  • Have challenging health issues and need motivation, education or inspiration!
  • Have chronic pain in multiple places
  • Suffer regular sickness or fatigue
  • Want to train specifically for your sport or daily activity
  • Need Life Coaching using NLP techniques
  • Are confused about what a healthy diet entails
  • Need a complete body transformation!
  • Have access to a computer or smartphone for online coaching

Brad Rasmus


Ive been a Health Professional since 1996. I’m a:

    • Personal Trainer
    • CHEK Practitioner (CP2, HLC3)
    • CHEK Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach
    • Life Coach
    • NLP Practitioner
    • In short: an Exercise and Lifestyle Coach.
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Face to Face Coaching – Sydney Australia

    • Brookvale (indoors)
    • Mona Vale (indoors & outdoors)
    • Mosman (outdoors)

Online Health Coaching Worldwide

    • Via the power of Zoom/Skype/Facetime
    • Via phone calls
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I have a multidisciplinary holistic approach. I integrate different aspects of eastern and western health philosophies to achieve optimal health.

Our coaching sessions will depend on your goals, needs, commitment, location and your interest in different facets of Holistic Health.

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