Holy Winter! – Important updates for new season

Holy Winter! – Important updates for new season

Holy Winter

The temperature dropped pretty damn quick didn’t it! I’ve was in tropical Cairns last weekend for a little work, play and family time, then arrived home to Antarctica in comparison! Never fear though, the cold is your friend for those transforming their body and wanting fat loss. Read what’s relevant to you below.

Fat Utilisation Enhanced by Exercise in a Cold Environment

As mentioned above, if getting leaner is a goal for you, don’t shy away from the effects of Winter. It’s the perfect time to start moving your body. This journal is one I read many years ago when I was in University. One I constantly refer to when encouraging people to start their body transformations in the Winter! Read the abstract of the journal link below for more info. To further summarise it though, when a small group of 7 men exercise for the same time at the same cardiovascular intensity at -10°C and 22°C, fat utilisation was 35% higher!


Cold Weather Exercise

June Payments and Future Price Rise

For those of you already on the ball who paid last week, thanks for payment! This month there are:
– 5 weeks for all clients.
Thanks for making my accounting way easier to manage working with so many people. For new people, remember to pay prior to the next month in advance.

I will increase ALL my prices in the coming year. I haven’t decided when yet. I haven’t put my prices up now for around 5 years. Since then I’ve completed multiple course costing thousands of dollars and know my skillsets are above and beyond 5 years ago and many other health professionals tarred with the same brush. Just thought I’d give you a heads up!

Life Coaching – o spots left at $50 practice price

My prices for Life Coaching and NLP will now be the same pricing as my normal rates. I’m really enjoying working with my 5 practice clients and know they are too. Here’s some testimonials.

Click here for more information and testimonials on what Life Coaching is.

Primal 636 Group Training – Winter Season starts this week

I now have 3 group sessions running. They are a great way to increase accountability amongst your friends and way to increase affordability of the session. Spots available on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Click here for the latest information.

Travel Club

Whether you travel for leisure once per year, or regularly each week for work, I’d highly recommend you’d check out the travel club I’m part of. This month, welcome to Kim Adler from Canada and Richard Mabbun from the USA! Here’s what my Sydney client Rana Wilkinson has to say, a CEO of an Australian Confectionery company who flies every week:

“I booked a Northern Territory trip today. Saved $32 on one flight, and $40 on another. Another flight cost $12 more through the travel club than another website, so I will get that back plus a bit more due to our 150% of the difference pricing guarantee. Saved $88 night on an Alice Springs hotel, $44 night for a Darwin hotel and a little on car hire. Not bad, it all adds up! If this is a scam, then it’s a bloody good one!”

If you’re friends with me on Facebook and haven’t seen my recent pictures and read the captions, check them out here:
Byron Bay – Budget Road Trip
Perth and Rottnest Island – 4 Star Dreamtrip

Check out my 1 page website here: www.professionaltraveler.co

The view from my hotel room in Hamilton Island, on my first ‘DreamTrip’.

Contact me to watch a 3 minute video to learn about the bare basics of the club.

See you at your next session!


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