February Onward – Some fortunate and unfortunate news…

February Onward – Some fortunate and unfortunate news…

Hey all

It’s the last week of January. Happy Australia Day for yesterday! Hope you all had a great day. Some unfortunate and fortunate news this month.

February Payments

Please send across your next month’s investment. 4 weeks left January, 5 weeks if you are coached on a Monday. 4 more weeks of summer Primal 636 group training too, then we’ll be back to normal charging you for the full Autumn season.

Live It Now

This is the 2 1/2 day course I did 6 months ago that led me to do purchase a full 6 day course in NLP. The Live It Now Course is awesome. They only charge you for the food too. $30 or something. Highly recommend it! I DO NOT receive commissions for recommending this, I’m just network marketing it to you because it’s awesome.

Check out www.liveitnow.com.au

Matt Catling teaching Excellence Now NLP Cert

Matt Catling teaching Live It Now

NEW Travel Club Members

Welcome to Deyen Hirlian and Ann Castillo, who have all joined my travel club and associate business. Looking forward to ‘working’ with you girls… whilst on holiday! Thanks for giving me more tax deductible reasons to travel, come meet you and coach you! If you have no idea what this about because you just joined this email list, look at this previous blog post.

Susan scuba diving for the first time at the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef anyone?

Travel Guides TV Show

I’ve told a few of you about how we applied to appear on a travel TV show months ago. We’ve had to keep it pretty quiet and especially not mention it on social networking, so I’ve just been telling people face to face in anticipation and preparation that it was going to happen. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. We made the first 2 casting cuts, and didn’t make the next one. Pretty disappointed actually. 3 months of world travel fully paid for and some more TV experience which would have been fun! Anyhow, we can now actually focus on finding a place to live! It’s been 13 months that we’ve now been nomading our way around Sydney living in the most amazing houses, and now it’s time to get one of our own. So alas, I’m here to stay in Sydney, until my next Dreamtrip! Lets make YOUR year one to remember. Commit to me, and I’ll commit to helping you become the best you can be.

Travel Guides TV Show

One family from the UK Travel Guides show


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