December Update 2017 – Christmas!

December Update 2017 – Christmas!

G’day Team

2017 is coming to a close. A huge thank you to your patronage!

December and January Payments 2017-2018

For those of you already on the ball who are about to pay, thank you! This month there are 4 weeks.
I will be leaving for a road trip on December 28th until January 14th, return to work for a week, then I’m off around the 22nd for the USA for a week or two.

Group Training Payments

Due to the holiday period and there not being a full 13 weeks of training, you can pay me per month until Autumn Training. I’ll confirm my availibilities at the beginning of each month.

NEW Group Training Times in Mona Vale Summer

From next week (December 11th) I will start outdoor training in Mona Vale at Apex Park at the beach. It’s the perfect place for outdoor training. Grass, water, sand, weights.

Mondays only

Group Training: 9:30am and 5:30pm.
One on One and Buddy Training: 8am, 10:30am, 3:30pm, 4:30pm

Group Training in Mona Vale
Mona Vale - Apex Park

20 Day Keto Challenge!

Seriously, there is no better time to try Keto OS or grab some more. 1 month till XMAS and let’s face it, most people go a bit nuts on the food and drink front. So, create some balance. Access the free ‘N8Tive Way’ 20 Day Max Challenge website created by PT Croyden Wheeler and Dr Trent Hedlam, with workouts, Keto diet recipes and instructional videos plus a whole lot more – All for FREE when you buy a box of Keto OS and use the order number to access the website for FREE instead of paying $99. Check it here:

If buying for the first time, purchase here:
If an existing online customer, login to

Go for it and make this the healthiest XMAS ever and come out the other side leaner than when you began!

See you next session!

20 Day Keto Challenge - Diet, Exercise, Keto OS
20 Day Keto Challenge - Diet, Exercise, Keto OS
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