Death in the family / Health Fund Rebates / Online Businesses

Vince Polito and Rebecca Rasmus

Death in the family / Health Fund Rebates / Online Businesses

Hey Primal People

It’s been a few weeks since my last post. I’ve been extremely busy! I have several new clients starting in the coming weeks (welcome!) but a lot of my time has revolved around several things. One being the death of a good mate.

A death in the family

No. Not a direct family member. But it feels like one. 83-year-old Vince Polito has been our trusted veggie farmer at the Frenchs Forest Sunday markets for years here in Sydney. After 57 years of organic farming (yes 57!), he passed away at the beginning of this week to prostate cancer. Since losing his brother last year, poor Vince just hasn’t been the same. We thank Vince from the bottom of our heart for feeding us the last several years and providing a great source of nutrition for our daughter Kaiya! We hope that the Polito family continue his business and help feed the local community their fantastic home-grown produce.

Check out the Primal Health video interview Bex and I did with him in February.

If you know Vince and want to attend, his funeral details are:

Vincenzo Polito Funeral
Friday 28th June, 2013
St.Kevins Catholic Church in Dee Why
50 Oaks Ave, Dee Why NSW 2099

Vince Polito Cromer Cheap Organic Vegetables

Vince Polito chatting with my wife Bex (Rebecca).

Till next time

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