Crossfit, Colon Cleansing, Food Intolerance Testing and more

Brad Rasmus at Crossfit Athletic

Crossfit, Colon Cleansing, Food Intolerance Testing and more

Hello all! A bigger email this week…

Crossfit Athletic… a wise move!

To all current clients reading this, I hope you’ve enjoyed the first week at our new location, Crossfit Athletic! Sometimes you need to be forced to make change to see the light. I’ve always been a firm believer that for every challenging thing that happens in your life, there is a huge positive that can be gained. A lesson to also be learned. Having to move yet again was not something I wanted to contend with. Now being at Crossfit, I’m pretty damn happy. A great space, with great people and good vibes. I also had my first Crossfit session this morning too! I survived!….. just. On that note as well, over time as you feel more confident about what you body is capable of, whatever your goals are, if you ever want to finish working with me, don’t want to join one of my evening groups and want to start a membership with Crossfit, I am totally fine with it . The guys have a great thing going there and I love the way they have several build-up classes available before you are able to attend the true Crossfit classes. This is sorely lacking and all other Crossfit facilities from what I know. I most certainly know that I will certainly be having to use some of my holistic CHEK based skills to rehab plenty of the people there that keep beating up their bodies. So it works both ways. I’d actually feel stoked to know you have reached a pinnacle within your fitness levels to be able to do true Crossfit! So no worries.

Colon Cleansing Q&A

For those of you that are not Primal Health subscribers to our Wednesday newsletter, you would have missed one of our latest blogs and videos about Colon Cleansing. We’ve had a huge response to it in shares and video views. If you want to learn about the pros and cons to colonics, enemas and laxatives and all that ‘shit’ then click here to read on. If you wish to watch the full video then subscribe / sign in.

Crossfit Athletic - 5:45am class downstairs

Groups Time Change

Crossfit gets pretty damn busy at night time from 5pm, an unfortunately upstairs where I work, they also run 2 easier ladies classes at 6pm on Mondays and Thursday’s which they forgot to let me know about. Hence, after recently changing to Mondays and Wednesdays, I’ve now moved them back to Tuesday’s and Thursdays at 6pm. There are 3 spots left in each group for any of you keen to join.

Primal 636 Spring Group Training 2013


Regular times available

In the last 3 months work has really picked up for me, which is weird and rare for Winter time, but I can’t complain. The ‘waitress of the

universe’ has finally fulfilled my order of late 🙂 To fill in some extra spots, I thought I’d put it out there in case you wanted to pick up and extra session for the week, change your time, or had a friend, client or family member that you think would like to come start working with me.

Mondays: 9am Mon-Thurs (Sept 30-October 17th), 6pm fortnightly
Tuesdays: 11am, 5pm
Wednesdays: 3pm

Due to school holidays currently, there are a lot of spare spots though this week, so let me know if you are keen.

Food Intolerance Testing

My wife Bex and I have been getting some personal diagnostic testing lately, one of them being food intolerance testing done using blood and hair. We decided to do this season’s Primal Health Seasonal Cleanse focusing on omitting all our high intolerance tested foods from our diet including the usual things we advocate in level 4 of the cleanse. It actually wasn’t as hard as I thought! This week though, I couldn’t wait until the end of the 4th week and had to have my beloved bounty bar! I had a beer too at Eurofest at Frenchs Forest! Can never knock back a German beer Now to start adding back the offending foods over the next month for 3 days at a time to see how they make me feel so I can determine if I have a true intolerance to the food, or if to determine if it was an abnormality or that I had just been eating too much of the one thing prior to the test. We’ll have a Primal Health blog coming out all about it next week, so make sure you are subscribed to receive the newsletter with the link to it.

Brads Extra Cleanse Foods

Hope you enjoyed the read and everything is well in your world,

In Health,


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