Call me this week. I’m back!

Brad Rasmus

Call me this week. I’m back!

It’s great to be back home! Even with everywhere we’ve traveled in the last year, there is no place like home in Sydney. I’m back working from this week at the same place as before. Crossfit Athletic in Brookvale, and one morning a week outdoors in Mosman (Clifton Gardens usually), so contact me today if you are keen to get back into it.You’ll also be interested to know that both Bex and I are starting an online coursein NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis and Life Coaching so I can get into people’s heads with new tools, like never before 🙂

Brad Rasmus 2015

New year, new mug shots!

Returning to work after a long time away can have it’s challenges, as I’ve experienced several times before when doing this. This time through the help of friends, clients and the internet, Bex, Kaiya and are still couch hopping within our own city, allowing us to not have the stress of starting Sydney life again paying rent straight away, when we don’t have consistent $ coming through.Real Estates usually have asked a sole trader like myself for 3 months worth of bank statements to prove our ability to pay the rent, so we’re still having an adventure within our own city. Thanks Jon G for your place where I’m currently writing this!

My daughter Kaiya starts school this year too, which is very exciting for her and us, as we are sending her to a style of school very in tune with our Primal ‘hippy’ values 🙂 A Rudolph Steiner school called Kamaroi, in Belrose.Hence my schedules may get a bit trickier with school pick ups if and when Bex and I are both working at the same time. On top of that, as of today, we’ve committed to trialing out living on Scotland Island in Pittwater for a while with another family from the 25th of this month. Former clients of mine from back when I worked at Fitness First, who found our profile on a website we use called Random! So I’ll be a a bit at the mercy of boats getting to and from the island so this will affect my start and finish times each day.

Anyhow, I look forward to you again!


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