Back to work Monday January 12th!

Brad Rasmus - Outdoor Training

Back to work Monday January 12th!

Hey y’all!

We’re back home in around 5 weeks now. Crazy to think that 7 months has come and gone already. We’re currently in Arizona, USA.

I will start back work from 12th January 2015. Reply ASAP to let me know if you are keen to restart with me when I return!

I will initially train people outdoors (park, beach, pool, ocean), depending on how many people are keen to start back up as clients straightaway. If I get some consistency each week though, I’ll work out of Crossfit. January is usually a quiet month based on lots of people on holidays, so it doesn’t make sense to work there if I’m only doing a few sessions. So if you are interested to start working with me from the 12th, please let me know ASAP.

Summer 2013 Outdoor Training - Curl Curl Beach - Scott Bovis

Summer 2014-2015 Outdoor Training! Scott Bovis getting Primal at Curl Curl.

After 7 months our bank account has dwindled away so I have to be frugal on all accounts for a while! On that note, I publicly advertised on Facebook that I’m keen to do do other types of work too. If you have work around your house, your own business that needs help, let me know. Maybe I can help in multiple ways. Whether labour based or computer based, let me know! I’m not fussy. Make me an hourly rate or fixed offer and we’ll see what can eventuate!

On another note, whilst in Mexico, I put a lot of time in effort into writing a book and making another website. I never really thought I’d be interested in writing a book, but I did it anyway! It’s actually going to be 2 books. The first one is almost done. No, it’s NOT about health. It’s about my second passion. World Travel. The working title is ‘The ultimate guide to extended world travel’. Between Bex and I, we’ve now traveled and lived abroad for over 5 years and been to over 45+ countries. So we have a bit of experience in the area now. I resurrected the site and am using it’s content for our new site designed to help advertise the books.

Please check it out here and opt in with your email if you want us to teach you how we travel the way we do!

Greece - Crete - Explore Now

Bex and Kaiya arriving at a small town in the south of Crete Island, Greece.

See you soon. Reply ASAP if you are ready to return to coaching with me in 2015!


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