August Update 2017

August Update 2017

G’day Team

How are we all? Only a couple things to talk about this month. So cast your eyes over this info and take note of the relevant information to you.

August Payments 2017

For those of you already on the ball who paid last week, thanks for payment! This month there are:
– 4 weeks for everyone
– I’m away 1 week.
Thanks for making my accounting way easier to manage working with so many people. For new people, remember to pay prior to the next month in advance.

My Calendar

Queenstown: August 14th-20th
USA: Entire month of September

Keto Kross Training

Husband and wife Matt and Mandy are my first Keto Kross Training clients to help me spread the word about this amazing fuel source!

Read here if you don’t what I’m talking about

See you guys at your next session!


Mandy Davis - Keto OS
Mandy Davis in action
Mathieu Taris - Keto OS
Mathieu Taris in action
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