5 Star Fitness Holidays

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5 Star Fitness Holidays

Hello Primal people!

As we move into Winter, work usually slows down for me, but quite the opposite is happening and I’ve seen a boost in new client inquiries. So welcome to the 5 new people about to start! I’ve got some exciting news I want to share too. So keep reading…

5 Star Fitness Holidays

As most of you know, I have now been involved with a travel club and business for the last few months. It’s just started to really ramp up in activity for me on the business side and got me really excited! So I’ve decided to promote the product more over the next 6 months by going on some 4-5 star holidays! Tough part-time gig eh? So I’ll be away at certain times in the coming months.

Would you like to join me?
Want to use my services each day away on the trip?

I’m looking specifically at trips around Australia and thought I could combine my services on the holiday too! These trips are available for travel club members only, however, I can take 1 person as my buddy without you having to be a member. So, first in best dressed. Dare I say, when you see the membership, I’m sure you’ll want to join anyhow. In fact, if you do join the club and come on a trip with me, during the trip I’ll give you 2 x free 60min sessions with me, in a group or 1 on 1, depending on how many people come. If there isn’t a gym, park or beach nearby (which I doubt will be the case based on the places I’ve picked), I’ll do the sessions after the trip at the CrossFit Athletic. Any other sessions you wish to do with me on the trip are priced at my normal rates.

Here are the ‘Dream Trips’ I’m looking at –
Prices include 4-5 star accommodation based on twin share (2 people per room paying the same amount) for the whole trip, plus awesome extras – click the links for details:

Brad Rasmus ELC - Fitness Holidays

Some former clients with me on several fitness holidays I’ve done in the past.

Byron Bay – Sep 12 2015 – Sep 14 2015
[US$379 per person. US$179 for a member with 200 points in their account]

Melbourne – Sep 20 2015 – Sep 24 2015
[US$539 per person. US$314 for a member with 225 points in their account]

Margaret River – Nov 14 2015 – Nov 16 2015
[US$339 per person. US$164 for a member with 175 points in their account]

Hamilton Island – Nov 22 2015 – Nov 26 2015
[US$739 per person. US$214 for a member with 525 points in their account]

If you want to know more about the club, contact me and I’ll send you a short video that shows how it all works. Be quick, as these trips will sell out. One of my business partners and I will be purchasing some at the end of this week (3rd July 2015).

Look forward to having some of you join me!

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