2016 – Whats in it for you?


2016 – Whats in it for you?

Hey all!

I’m back from another awesome holiday and back to working this week at CrossFit Athletic in Brookvale and via Zoom / Skype. So if you’re keen to start back now and don’t want to wait till the supposed magic day of January 1st to start all your new resolutions for the year, call me today!

What do you want of 2016?

So what do you have in store this year? If you’ve been a long term client of mine, then you know that I like to make dreams become a reality. To give ‘legs’ to your dreams and to make them walk, or run to you, I feel you need to create goals out of those dreams to help make them come true. Talk to me during your next session if you’d like to go through the process of setting bigger goals for yourself for the year. Stop focusing on what you don’t want, change your language and focus on what you do want!

A few other things to note in this blog…

My Last ‘DreamTrip’ to the USA and Caribbean

Wow. Just wow. I had a really amazing time. Was a life changer for me. The people I met and became close with, the destinations I went to and the future I see manifesting for me… I’m excited.

‘Dreamtrips’ for those not in the know from my previous newsletters, are the name given to prepackaged 4-5 star travel through my travel club I’m part of. The last two that I’ve been on, have been combined with my twist on them: a ‘5 Star Fitness Holiday’ with clients that wish to join me. My fellow travel club member and client for both holidays in 2015, Susan Papazian, enjoyed her time immensely. Didn’t you Susan! In fact, a little too much. Before we even set foot on the cruise, our several days of travel and exercise together took a big change, which led me to be the only one hitting the gym each day on the cruise! Why? Susan had a huge breakthrough. She had been in the closet about her sexuality for many, many years to the greater public. Only her closest mates knew. After a few bevvies in New Orleans one night and a fortuitous meet with a Tarot card reader that blew her mind, I helped convince her to go public on Facebook and since then life has had a new more important turning point for her than exercise can provide! Self acceptance. Happiness! So I was so excited to see her let lose, go crazy and thrive in it. So the real mission was accomplished!

If you’re not friends with me on Facebook, you’ve missed out on a heap of awesome pictures I posted. So here’s few below. You can check more out here.

Scenes from my Western Caribbean Cruise

On a side note, I know I harp on about this club but IF YOU EVER TRAVEL ANYWHERE, for work or pleasure, buy flights, accommodation, car rental, cruises etc, then you are totally missing out on saving money and even making money just from purchasing through the club membership I’m part of. I’m part of the business as well, hence why I talk about this so much as it’s an extra income stream for me and business I’m developing, but if you truly travel anywhere, and especially have a family, this can equate to HUGE SAVINGS for you. Look at what Susan made on our last two weeks trip together to the United States and the Caribbean. US$380!! Imagine if you were buying the same things for a full family and capitalising on it. No brainer. Check out my Facebook posts to see the extra savings I made too.

Rovia Bucks - Price Pledge

Who goes traveling and earns money just for purchasing things through your club? We do.

January Payments

Please send across your next month’s investment. Take note of the changes for this month. 3 weeks only for Jan.

  • I am away Monday 11th – 17th doing a highly anticipated course I booked half a year ago in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Check it out here.

Primal 636 Group Training

Wednesdays at 6pm. In the past I’ve had 3-4 groups going, but the numbers have dwindled back to demand for just 1 per week. I seem to attract many people that just prefer 1 on 1 training which I love also. Ultimately I’d love for so many of you to be doing an extra group sessions too, as they make you more accountable to other mates in your group, they’re fun and they’re more affordable for a lot of people to add a extra session to their week instead of seeing me for another 1 on 1 session for the hour. So if you’re keen to invest in yourself more this year, consider joining this group I have. If there’s more demand I’ll set up another! Full details about group training here.

Primal 636 Group Training

Current and former crew hitting it!

See you soon guys!


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