Contact Brad today if you…

– Are looking for a holistic health professional
– Are looking for a CHEK PractitionerPersonal Trainer or Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach. I’m all 3.
– Need motivation, education or inspiration!
– Have challenging health issues
– Have chronic pain in multiple places
– Suffer regular sickness or fatigue
– Want to train specifically for your sport /activity
– Want to train using advanced programming methods
– Need life coaching in a variety of areas
– Are confused about what a healthy diet entails
– Consider health a top priority in your life
– Need a complete body transformation!
– Have access to Skype for online coaching!


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Change YOUR life like these people…. starting TODAY! Check out the before and after images and testimonials written by people like YOU! I call myself an Exercise and Lifestyle Coach. I have a multidisciplinary holistic approach. I integrate different aspects of eastern and western health philosophies to achieve optimal health. Our coaching sessions will depend on your goals, needs, commitment and location:
- 1 on 1, Buddy, Threesome, Group
- Online coaching
- PT / CHEK Coaching
- Health and Fitness Holidays
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